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boss. Chase points out that Foreman really isn't -- his title, salary, and responsibilities aren't much different than anyone else's. In fact, he didn't even get to pick the new Cottage -- Chase did, which he thinks is the real reason for Foreman's problem with Dr. Kelly. "You're courageously picking on Kelly 'cause you're scared to take on House. Congratulations. You're a real leader," Chase says. Oh, Foreman just got told. Not that it will make a difference in the way he acts around people, but still.

A man with some kind of Hispanic accent enters Cuddy's office wielding a portable massage table. He looks familiar because he's totally that annoying spokesman (sans the accent) on those State Farm commercials. Between him and Progressive Flo a few weeks back, I guess they're hiring for this show from insurance commercials? I can't wait to see the episode where House treats a cartoon gecko. Filipe says he's here as a gift and an apology from House to Cuddy. Cuddy can't think of a good excuse to get out of this that House hasn't taken care of already, so she ends up getting a massage. Topless. In her office. In the middle of a workday. She is the worst administrator ever. But Filipe is apparently very good at his job, even though he admits that Cuddy is his first client. When Cuddy asks how her boyfriend found him, Filipe seems surprised that House is dating a woman. Aw, Cuddy should have asked these questions after the massage. Now she has to stop him because she knows he's a male prostitute.

Chase finds Dr. Kelly in the ambulance bay. She says she's okay with messing up, but not with cheating and lying, which is what she just did in the meeting room. Chase apologizes but urges her not to quit, saying she's "smart" and "hard-working." Dr. Kelly knows that she's not on the other Cottages' level. Chase says she should use her differences -- as a psychiatrist, she should be able to read people better than anyone else, for instance. Is he serious? House is no psychiatrist, but he's obviously better at reading people than anyone else. They don't need Dr. Kelly's expertise in this area. And so, Dr. Kelly decides to check up on Billy instead of Margaret, apparently figuring that he could use a psychiatrist right about now. He says Trenton General doesn't have a support group for abused women. It doesn't? That's lame. They really should. All hospitals in the area probably should, except for PPTH, which shouldn't have any support groups at all just in case House decides to stop by and ruin everyone's life. Billy says he's starting to wonder if Margaret was lying about being abused, too. But Dr. Kelly says Margaret's behavior is consistent with an abuse victim. She encourages Billy to be gentle with Margaret and not hostile and aggressive like she's used to getting from men. This might help Billy, but it doesn't really help Margaret any. But, uh, nice try, Dr. Kelly.

Cuddy confronts House about his male hooker massage gift. House pretends he had no idea that guy was a hooker, and then says that the fact that Cuddy got a massage from a hooker doesn't bother him one bit, and therefore the fact that he gets massages from a hooker shouldn't bother her. As if those are in any way the same thing. Cuddy points out that she never had sex with Filipe and probably never would, seeing as how he's gay. House sighs that it's really difficult to find straight male hookers. Cuddy says that there's nothing House can say or do to convince her that his getting a massage from a hooker he used to have sex with is okay, and he must know that and is doing this to try to sabotage their relationship. He tries to sabotage their relationship like every week. It's getting kind of silly. She thinks he can't handle their relationship getting any more serious. House says she's doing the same thing by not letting him sleep over at her house or introducing him to Rachel. Cuddy says she didn't think House wanted to spend any time with her, nor did she think it was good for Rachel to keep being introduced to and forming attachments with people who might "go away." Rachel's probably having a hard enough time forming an attachment to Cuddy. House says that mentality shows that Cuddy has reservations about them, too. Oh, come on. Rachel is probably still wondering whatever happened to that Lucas guy who was basically her father for about a year. Also, House should never be around children. I don't think Cuddy's doing anything wrong here.

Margaret wakes up to find Billy at her bedside. As recommended by Dr. Kelly, he calmly asks her why there's no abuse support group at Trenton General. Margaret is unable to answer due to the fact that there are snakes in the wall and on the floor as well as bugs. And Billy's eyes are now all black and he's telling her she's going to burn. And then her bedside table is on fire. So, that's new.

House wakes up in his bed alone again, but this time he's not happy about it. He goes to work and studies a scan of Margaret's brain, which her hallucinations tell them is now being affected by her mystery disease. There's an "opacity" in her left temporal lobe, which Dr. Kelly speaks up to stupidly suggest could be nothing. House says that since Margaret is having brain problems right now, it's probably best for them to assume there's something wrong there. Chase says they'll have to biopsy it to find out more. Dr. Kelly sticks to her original plan, though, saying that they shouldn't assume all of Margaret's problems are connected. Her recent hallucinations, Dr. Kelly says, are more indicative of a mental illness that's only just showing up now. "Her brain just happens to fall apart right after her body? And I thought I was having a bad week," House says, rolling his eyes. He tells Chase that he now thinks he hired Dr. Kelly because she's a "dumb" version of Cameron that Chase can fire to get revenge. "Give her a break," Foreman says, adding that the more pressure House puts on Dr. Kelly, the more she's going to screw up. "It's irresponsible of me to let that happen," he concludes. Oh. I thought Chase's lecture was telling Foreman that he's not above anyone. But I guess he took it to mean that he needs to step up his superiority complex. House seems to like Foreman's new backbone, and leaves Dr. Kelly alone. Chase gives Foreman a sincere yet cheesy "nice job, sort of boss!" nod.

Chase is revving up the CGI drill to dig into Margaret's brain. He's just punctured the surface when Taub suddenly stops him, which Chase doesn't really appreciate since he kind of has to keep a steady hand while drilling into a brain. Taub points out that Margaret's temperature is back down to normal, and she's been off the cooling blanket for an hour. If a fever was still her symptom, it would have come back by now. It didn't, so it must have gone away. The team meets outside the OR, where House wonders why Margaret wasn't colder, since she'd been on the cooling blanket for so long. Dr. Kelly says she adjusted the blanket's temperature as Margaret's fever went down. Oh, and the blanket has been at its lowest setting since yesterday afternoon, which House would have liked to know sooner. No matter what Dr. Kelly does, she totally sucks at it. Taub says since Margaret's fever was gone so soon after it appeared, it could have just been a reaction to the antibiotics they gave her for something she doesn't have, although that would have been accompanied by vomiting. Actually, come to think of it ... Margaret hasn't barfed in a while, either. So that's two symptoms down. House heads into the OR to see if they can make it a hat-trick. He unplugs her pacemaker after a weak protest by Dr. Kelly (by the way, pacemakers should really be harder to stop than simply unplugging a cord, don't you think?), and lo and behold, Margaret's heart is fine. So now all they have to worry about are the hallucinations, although they might be gone too when Margaret wakes up. Dr. Kelly once again suggests bipolar disorder for the hallucinations, and even Chase is like "you've got to stop doing this." But Dr. Kelly persists, saying the bipolar disorder could have been trigg

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