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Elvis Has Left The Building

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Lester: "Elvis, too. They wouldn't show him on Milton Berle last year from the waist down, and now his hips are like, all you ever see."
Masters: "I don't know who you are, but you are so right about that."

One of my favorite things is when somebody's dumb uncle wanders onto your Facebook because he doesn't understand Facebook -- and because we're all entitled to his opinion regardless of where we're lucky enough to receive it -- and they start yelling about how JFK and MLK and whoever were practically Republicans, as we understand conservatism, and doesn't that just... I mean, I don't know what their point ever is, but it seems to calm them down to repeat this over and over, that progressive heroes of their day would be considered conservative today.

I mean, that's the point: That's literally what "progressive" means. These little apocalypses, these abominations that they're talking about -- Elvis, Darwin; Dale, Ellenberg; today's presentation -- I know they're more painful from one side than the other. The word "apocalypse" means unhiding, it means the revelation of what was concealed; it's an electrified door that hurts until the exact moment you walk through it. It's always going to be painful, until your eyes adjust. Until you are brave.

...On Earth he had been different. Others had not understood him. He had been lonely. But now he found himself between worlds. The earth, a tiny dot behind him. The moon, a tiny dot ahead. When he got to the moon, would it be everything he dreamed of? And would it be worth everything he had left behind?


"The sky this far above the earth is purplish-black," Major Simons says, echoing Bill Masters talking about the orgasmic vaginal canal, "and against that is... many heavenly wonders..."

Henry is still feeling very romantic about this: How right now, 19 miles above the earth, Major Simons is in the sky, describing the world: "Beyond the haze, there are thin bands of blue etched against the night sky. They appear to be thin shells of dust that hover over the Earth like a succession of halos..."

Henry: "Major Simons is such a hero!"
Virginia: "True. He is brave, or strange enough to see brave. But you know, he's held in place by all those men down there. The cute one with the mohawk, the lady in the back..."
Henry: "They're... Helpers."
Virginia: "Helpers make great things happen. They're necessary."

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Masters of Sex




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