Masters of Sex
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Margaret: "So I spoke to Dr. Ellenberg today, and I think you maybe have fallen in with war criminals."
Barton: "I realize it sounded barbaric, but that's only because it is. I'm so dreadfully wrong inside, so unworthy of you, that I have to... Sometimes you have to break a bone to set it. Right?"
Margaret: "How far does this shit go?"
Barton: "No castration. Electrocuting my nuts is off the table... I mean, the future is now, Margaret. ECT's been around for twenty years, it's perfectly acceptable."
Margaret: "Joan's mother doesn't remember she has a granddaughter."
Barton: "We don't have grandkids. Thanks to fucking Ethan Haas."

"What if you forget you love to overtip everyone, everywhere we go? What if you forget how Vivian smiles when you sing 'You Are My Sunshine'? What if you forget you've never won a tennis match against me? Not once, not ever?"

Barton: "I let you win."
Margaret: "-- What if you forget that?"
Barton: "We cheated on each other, and you asked me for a divorce, and I said I would fix it, and I'm fixing it. What would you have me do? How do we stay married now that everything's on the table?"
Margaret: "I just... For all our problems, whatever the source of the last thirty years, it's a life. A good life. In the real world, not in the shadows, it was fine. Maybe not what I would have chosen, maybe parts of it hurt, but I love our life."
Barton: "I am afraid of fucking you up more. Every step, in any direction. Landmines."
Margaret: "Don't do this Ellenberg stuff. It's black magic. We can figure something else out that doesn't mean murder."


They're putting together a petition, over a hundred signatures, calling for Bill's resignation. It's so dumb: People signing it without knowing why, or being given an incomplete and inaccurate story. All you have to do is say a sex word and the people will scram, pausing only to sign whatever they have to, to make the thought go away.

Jane: "I wanna rip that shit out of their hands."
Virginia: "I just can't believe they think a petition would stop Bill Masters. He can't even conceptualize that, beyond it being a list of... ants. The point of a petition would be lost on him even if he weren't a force of physics stronger than any petition or social convention."

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Masters of Sex




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