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Realizing he's stuck, and Bill's taking the same track as Margaret -- putting himself at the mercy of the situation, so that Scully doesn't have to hurt any more -- Scully gracefully bails, pivots, and sets him free: "You won't, Bill. You're fired."

As this is happening, Libby's at home meeting with a woman from the Urban League, donating to their charity, when she goes into labor.

Scully and Masters, outside the Chancellor's building, have a crazy moment about what just happened, and Scully laughs: "What a thing," he says. To see Bill Masters not only using his knowledge of people and of his own limitations to force the issue in his favor, but also the self-sacrifice: He threatened you once, in the most loving way imaginable, and now he saves you, seeming angrier and more alien than ever before.


A short discussion in the wreckage of the office -- "Fired? That's like firing God," Lester shivers -- leads Jane to a sudden thaw:

"I showed myself. My insides, my vaginal walls. And those doctors thought it was dirty, or that something went horribly wrong... It's as if I brought down the entire kingdom."

She's always played at least partially for laughs, because she's a funny actress, but I don't find Jane particularly funny. Just wonderful. Lester tries to explain to her about the beauty of her insides, and her outsides, and the perfection of her body; he tries to sanctify this for her. To give her something back they didn't know they were taking, when the riots started.

When Virginia interrupts, Lester scampers off -- I guess probably to go masturbate -- and once alone they commiserate. But first, there is a split-second that is so beautiful: She looks at Jane, steely as a Blitz midwife, mind blown by the apocalypse, past worry and into repair mode, a first-responder in full uniform: "Where is he."

Jane: "All of it, just... Can you imagine? Everything he and you, me and Lester..."
Gini: "Gone."
Jane: "I don't even know the protocol. Do I pack his shit up, or...?"
Gini: "He can live without anything, except his work."


Jane remembers -- as the woman from the Urban League is driving Libby to her hospital, the black hospital -- to hand off a copy of the study to Gini: "And such good work, from such a brilliant man. Souvenir, I guess?"

Virginia's heart stops, when she looks down at the cover. We won't know why, for a while, but you can feel it: The continent's moving again, underfoot.

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Masters of Sex




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