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Scully: "So I'm starting electroshock."
Masters: "The fuck?"
Scully: "I told Margaret I wouldn't, but I have to do something. I've done two things right in my life: You, and my family."
Masters: "I won't deny that your sexuality is problematic, but the risk of..."
Scully: "What endeavor doesn't have risks? As we've seen. But the reward could make me a new man. Haven't we spent our whole lives believing in science?"
Masters: "If this were science, it wouldn't feel so wrong. It wouldn't have to be a secret. You wouldn't be turning off the best part of yourself. Charring it."
Scully: "I feel like the twelfth swan brother. Just this wing, where an arm should be."
Masters: "I am more than a little afraid of that, changing. If I am your success, if we are proving how much we love each other right now, then what does it say about me that you are broken? How can we be proud of me, if you're wrong inside? It doesn't make sense."
Scully: "It'll be over soon. I admit myself tomorrow, I take my treatment, I go home cured."
Masters: "Simple as that? Maybe I should do a study on that in a decade or so. Falsify some data. Act real intense about it, like to the point where it makes me look super gay."
Scully: "We can be brave tomorrow. Tonight, I'm just worried about you."

Tonight, he'll go "home," he says. He means his office, where they've already changed the locks. The security guard is sad, but kind, about escorting him out. Nobody's more surprised than Bill when he grabs a fire extinguisher, throwing it through the glass door of what I presumed to be Room Five, but seems like just any office. It's a tantrum, it doesn't have to be symbolic. Little Billy took over for a second. Or maybe Francis.

And then, too, at the black hospital, you have Libby, with her son in her arms in the storm, and not interested too much in having Bill come in, to fuss and make everything weird. Or no, that's not nice: It's just that she's happy where she is. She calls out and hears her echo. She didn't need him, she didn't even need his hospital. In the end, she made it happen on her own. Right where he always leaves her.


Virginia's reading the study, as the rain comes down and Major Simons returns to Earth:

Studies In Human Sexual Response, by William H. Masters, M.D., and Virginia E. Johnson.

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Masters of Sex




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