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Even though Bill explained it all to him, mid-blackmail: That hating yourself this much is pathological, that while there might be a "cure" it's also part and parcel of the horror that is our cockeyed, taboo, fearful obsession with sex: For the men, he said, who live in the shadows.

Margaret: "Dale was your lover?"
Barton: "He was paid. A wall is put in place."
Margaret: "Is that always the case? Did anybody slip past? Did you ever love one of them?"
Barton: "James Davenport. The summer before college."
Margaret: "You fell in love with another boy when you were 18? Before we met?"
Barton: "Human intimacy is a moving target, Margaret."
Margaret: "Not especially, not when it's this. You already knew what you preferred, before I forced you to love me, to marry me. You already knew these things."

"I was ten when you were 18. Everything was ahead. You cannot give me back those years. I could've done something else, I could've been with someone else. Why wasn't that my choice, whether I wanted to spend my life with a queer? Those were the only years I had. You thief!"

He promises her he's going to fix it. He can be better.


Lillian: "I credit you with our success in Tennessee..."
Virginia: "But think bigger. We could start a similar outreach here. Get all the female employees at the hospital to start a forum on women's health."
Lillian: "Maternity has already agreed to institute pap smears..."
Virginia: "But it doesn't always have to be about pap smears... This doctor in Houston developed this film that can detect breast cancers, like an x-ray..."
Lillian: "Robert Egan's had great success detecting cancers in a breast after mastectomy. No success at all with breasts still attached to a woman."

"My point is, there's a lot you want to accomplish, Lillian, and I want to help you. There are many other health issues..."

Lillian: "Bill Masters is serving up martinis and penises later. And I realized you're right. Stop complaining about Bill, start emulating him. I am going to Bill Masters the Chancellor to within an inch of his life."
Virginia: "That's some advanced jelly. You are not ready for that jelly. The Chancellor certainly isn't. But if you're going to try again with him, do it now before he loses his shit all over Bill."

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Masters of Sex




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