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Bill stares at himself in the mirror and feels weird feelings. He's neither a grower nor a shower, when it comes to things like this: Not a teacher but a surgeon. People don't like him. They respect him and they marvel at him, but they don't care for him. Public speaking is well-known as the greatest phobia of the modern age, and that goes for people who are people, all the time, every day. When I try to imagine what a crowd of people looks like to him, little Bill on a stage -- winking cervices a story high, contracting behind him in Technicolor slow-mo -- it's impossible: Wolves. A million smiles and frowns and tiny movements, boredom and cleared throats, knowing glances... A million wolves, all of them brilliant in their own right, but none of them necessarily capable of understanding his majesty.

Barton: "The Provost at Webster called me directly, to ask if he can come."
Masters: "You better have said yes. Outside interest only helps our cause."
Barton: "Cause."
Masters: "Crusade. Barton, about our wrecked relationship..."
Barton: "Yeah, sorry I'm gay and you blackmailed me about it. My bad."
Masters: "No, I have recently come to understand that I am alone in the world. Libby loves me so much it hurts, and this baby's going to end up... And the only person who ever loved me properly, besides you, is gone."
Barton: "You want me to be the new, new old Gini Johnson."
Masters: "What I want is for you to hold my hand up there. I want to give my presentation from inside your coat with you where nobody can see me. But those things being relatively unworkable, yes. Come to the thing. Be a part of my life."


Is the quack who will be electrocuting Barton Scully, in a misguided attempt to take away his existence and turn him into someone new. We still sometimes get confused about this, even in 2013: The idea that gay people are just straight people who do this one weird thing. That don't exist independently of a few sexual acts, all of which are also regularly performed by straight people. That don't really exist at all.

Margaret: "I mean, it's not all about me. But the part that is about me, I am really feeling intensely today. Now, my husband told me you had an agreement to... I just want to know what is going to happen. I'm afraid I need full disclosure from now on."

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Masters of Sex




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