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The Seat With The Clearest View
Ellenberg: "I have no problem being honest with you about it, because I am a monster. What we're going to do is electrocute his brain."
Margaret: "My friend Joan's mother has had that. There are consequences..."
Ellenberg: "Yeah, such as your husband not wanting to fuck men anymore. And memory loss, also."
Margaret: "Body count?"
Ellenberg: "Four in every hundred thousand! A small price to pay for fixing something that doesn't need fixing. It's 1957, Margaret. This is as good as medical science is going to get."

The thing that Bill is always reaching for is this: It's right here in front of you. How can you take a situation, a circumstance, a universal truth that contains no hatred -- that contains nothing but love, that is a half-step from divinity itself -- and somehow impute hatred, pain, revulsion into it? How does this happen? How do we pass this down, parents to children? How can that be justified? How does that last more than a single generation?

Margaret: "Is that for sure? Are there alternatives?"
Ellenberg: "It actually gets grislier. You heard about the barfing thing, right? Okay or then also we can electrocute your dick, instead of your brain. Or just wherever it will hurt most. There's psychotropic drugs, chemical castration..."

But my husband is wonderful. Haven't you met him? He has the saddest, kindest eyes. He is forgiving and compassionate, and so thoughtful. He's done nothing to deserve torture; he has earned himself no enemies.


Jane: "You're going to be real shitty about this, which is why it took me ten minutes to get up the nerve, but you need to go invite Virginia Masters to this thing. You have to understand that."
Jane: "Yep, there it is. But nonetheless, you need to sack up right now and go tell her."

It's double-cute: First he grunts angrily to himself in the office, knowing she's right, and then he runs out into the hallway -- the bravest Billy yet -- and of course, runs right into her.


Gini: "I was coming to say good luck."
Bill: "I was coming to... Wait, you were coming to me?"
Gini: "Not if you say it like that. I was headed generally toward you. Like as the crow flies."
Bill: "Well, if you end up in the presentation that would be fine."

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Masters of Sex




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