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There is a thing all through here, a thing that counts in the season's last few minutes but doesn't really make sense on the way there: That thanks to various background complications, Virginia doesn't actually see the study itself -- and nobody thinks to mention the surprise about it -- until tomorrow night. It's jerry-rigged to be this big moment, but ends up being more trouble than it's worth. But honestly I can't think of a better way to accomplish it either -- given Manhigh, and everybody else's stories falling together as necessary, and needing to end up with Bill and Barton together while it's happening, and the constant pathetic-fallacy raining, etc. -- so whatever.

Bill starts out very well, earning hoots and hollers with a Mencken quote before alluding directly to the open secret of his strange night-time experiments, how they'd all spy and speculate about Room Five, and they all giggle, and it's going great.

"I am opening the door of Exam Room 5, and I'm eager to share with you my groundbreaking discoveries. What happens to the body during sex? The one thing you can't do is take people's word for it."

186 volunteers, 458 "individual acts of sex." "But if you want to know what we learned..."

Jane welcomes Virginia to the presentation, where she sits with Libby -- his three gals, his three Virginias, new and old and new-old -- and DePaul speaks up, birdlike and stiff as ever: "Who's we, Dr. Masters?"

She's resentful of the credit he's getting for Virginia's work, but not for any nice reasons: It's because Virginia is her property, and therefore an insult to her is an insult to Lillian. They're both doctors, both tiny Gods, and they shouldn't be mistreating each other's people. But also, too, she would twit him about anything right now. It just happened to be Virginia. Which means she hasn't see the study yet either, which is plotwise why they haven't passed them out yet, but makes sense either way: Drink your martinis and watch the pretty pictures and listen to Dr. Masters's melodic megalomania.

Once more for the season, he enumerates the four stages of sexual response -- the things every single one of on this planet, for the whole of its history, have experienced -- and goes into the dick myths. Showers and growers: As expected, they love the shit out of that! The thing about not having sex before the Big Game: Myth! Dick size obsession as a function of misunderstanding how a vagina works: Busted!

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