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The martinis have them, now; they twerk in the aisles, flopping their tiny majestic penises around in a giggling orgy of professionalism. That's when he fucks it.

"And so, let's move on to the girls. This is the vaginal canal during sexual stimulation..."

Jane: "Wow. Big projection. So much Ulysses. So much my vagina."
Virginia: "Nobody knows it's you. That's the point, is that nobody's seen in there until today."
William: "...Until now, no one knew these contractions existed. And yet here they are. And we can measure them. But that's not the whole story when it comes to the female orgasm..."

It cuts to the Virginia footage, the masturbation pornography, that he keeps describing in an unbroken scientific reverie, but the temperature -- the pressure, the humidity -- in the room changes immediately. All they can think about is the woman. Not her myotonic contractions, the vasocongestion of her flushed skin, the nipples, the perspiration, hyperventilation: None of these things are happening, in front of them. They murmur and shuffle around, at just the moment he's taking flight and can't see them anymore.

"...Physiological reactions are uniform and consistent. Which brings us to the heart of the study and the most radical discovery of all -- when it comes to sex, women have capabilities vastly superior to men. They can achieve multiple orgasms, they're orgasmic after menopause, and the sexual satisfaction they can achieve on their own is equal to, and sometimes even greater, than the satisfaction they achieve with men..."

I hate that this is the thing that ends it. It's not even funny, it's just dumb -- dumb enough to be true -- and so as the Chancellor beats it across the room to turn off Lester's projector, and the mad rioting scramble for the doors sobers everybody up, all you think about is this dumb thing about women not needing, or being better than, men. Until this, which while it's topical for 2013 still pretty much sums up the whole motherfucker:

Dr. Ingram: "There are women in the room, Bill!"
Dr. Masters: "There were women in the study, Chuck."

And meanwhile, Virginia -- having looked at herself through Bill's eyes, for the first time; having seen what these men see when she's enchanting them -- hides herself away in an elevator, begging it to hurry.

It wasn't a landscape. The camera traveled that woman's body like a married lover.

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Masters of Sex




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