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A Day Called X
Chancellor: "Red. It's red."
DePaul: "Not to worry! Tell me about your golf game! Are you part of a club or..."
Chancellor: "Norwood Hills, for twenty years. Not that I can find the time. And yet they keep billing me! Soon enough the Jews'll show up and then it's all over, though."
DePaul: "I enjoy talking to you like we are both people. Tell me more about golf and neckties and WASP stuff like that. What's your wife's handicap?"
Chancellor: "Estelle had polio as a girl..."
DePaul: "Holy shit."
Chancellor: "...But with her cane, she gets around just as well as you or I."
DePaul: "That was the second worst moment of my life just now when you responded in that way. But speaking of women's health -- and my first-worst moment -- can we talk about cancer detection? You seem like a man with unique vision."
Chancellor: "Nice flattery. What kind of cancer?"
DePaul: "Cervical."
Chancellor: "Men don't have those. Stop boring me."
DePaul: "I am dying soon so I need to get this done. Maybe we could have a drink?"
Chancellor: "I can't believe you're trying to fuck me even though my wife had polio as a young girl like I just said!"

You can actually see the moment where she decides whether or not to be pissed at Virginia for talking her into this -- acting like a human being instead of a robot bent on saving the entire cervix population by any means necessary -- but then she's like, "Ask a ho, get treated like a ho." Even though the real takeaway is that nobody can get away with being Virginia Johnson except Virginia Johnson, which Gini should know by now, and thus adjust her advice accordingly.


Masters: "I am so happy to have an actual reason to be mad at you!"
Virginia: "FFS. What now."
Masters: "You told Austin about that baby he is pregnant with from science!"
Virginia: "Yeah? So? Do you have any idea what being a single mom is like?"
Masters: "Is it exactly like being a single dad? Because those don't exist. Therefore..."
Virginia: "Don't pull that shit with me twice in the same episode."
Masters: "I'm just saying, how do we know this chick ain't a whore? We don't know..."
Virginia: "We know plenty. We know the diameter of her areolae, we know her heart rate during climax, how quickly she moves into the plateau phase, systolic pressure..."

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Masters of Sex




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