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Our Girl Has Gone

Because they're also talking about his sternocleidomastoid contraction; they're talking about her back, arching. The nails down his back, like a row of a-plusses.

Essie: "Right. So you capture this, for the world to see...?"
Jane: "No, just scientists. Right? Right?"
Virginia: "Bill, black olives."
Masters: "[Thanks.]"
Essie: "Since when don't you like black olives, Billy?"
Virginia: "More like detests. Jane, take note. I can spot 'em a mile away now. In fact, you should put that in my review. Mrs. Johnson continues to distinguish herself as my official food taster. Which..."
Masters: "I'm working on it. God."

Lester: "My department head said I should focus more. Wasn't sure which way he meant."
Masters: "Let's not discuss it right now, Mrs. Johnson."
Virginia: "You know what, you're never gonna do it. Let's do it now, over dinner."

Virginia hops up, a little bit in love with their double act, putting on a show for dinner guests in this private haven they share; a little bit ahead of herself. She thinks it'll be funny. Essie hates every word.

Virginia: "Oh, you've actually made some progress! Hush, Bill. As an assistant, Mrs. Johnson acquits herself more than adequately..."
Essie: "That's my son. Not a gusher."
Virginia: "That's my Bill, too. Mrs. Johnson's commitment to the work cannot be underestimated..."
Jane: "Hope mine's a little more detailed, Gini..."

Maybe without the peanut gallery she'd have read forward a little quicker, made a little more headway before the words came out. Maybe it would have changed everything.

"Were it not for Mrs. Johnson's conscientiousness, dedication, and enthusiasm, I would be at a complete loss. She has become absolutely invaluable to me..."

You can't deny it's touching. He sits there, so pleased with himself and so horrified to have it out there. It's nothing dirty; it's something he bled for, even just this. Which Essie knows, too. Her Billy's not a gusher. This is something he paid for.

Masters: "That's enough of that. You can finish it yourself, Virginia."
Virginia: "What's to say? This is perfect. I'm kind of overwhelmed by the..."
Masters: "You're better at things than I am, you should do it. We need to go, actually."

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Masters of Sex




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