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Our Girl Has Gone
Virginia: "This is a huge deal to me. I pay my own tuition, which is why I have this job all day, and also the other job all night."
Tim: "No harm, no foul. Sorry it didn't work out."
Virginia: "I think my perfect marks will survive."
Tim: "On that score, can we copy your notes?"
Virginia: "I HATE BEING A BOY."


Where the typing pool is having a lunchtime baby shower.

Shirley: "If this isn't the sweetest, cutest, most darlingest thing in the whole wide world!"
That Being: All you need to know about this Shirley.
Virginia: "How fun! I didn't know you were having this."
Shirley: "You know Val, she loves any excuse to get the secretaries bitching about our bosses and shoving angel food cake in our faces. Or any other white cake."
Virginia: "Anyway..."
Jane: "I mean, we can make a space for you..."
Typing Pool: (Is not, collectively, feeling that.)
Virginia: "No, I'm good. I have to work while I eat because I now have three jobs. Four if you count fucking."
Typing Pool: "That's probably best. You freak us out. Neither fish nor fowl."
Virginia: "I HATE BEING A GIRL!"


Dr. DePaul: "Can I sit at this lonely table with you?"
Virginia: "Are you going to insult me?"
Dr. DePaul: "Have you not noticed that I'm basically over that?"

Lillian: "Listen, my first year of med school, my fellow students -- all men, not that I need to clarify that -- made me feel about as welcome as a case of piles."
Virginia: "Vivid."
Lillian: "Then I stupidly tried to sit with the nurses, which was a fucking disaster..."
Virginia: "Oh, honey. Oh, you strange rare bird of a person. What are you supposed to do? Just eat alone for the rest of your life?"

"Focus on the work. At the end of the day, that's what endures. That's the thing we leave behind."

Some of us sooner than others. She's not talking about fish, or fowl, or men, or women. She's not talking about being a boy, or a girl; a med student in a sweater vest or a secretary in a clique. She's talking about the difference between being alive and being dead, but Virginia won't know that yet. Virginia thinks she's praying to the God of Science, like everybody else in this building. But she's not. She's working in His honor, playing out her life as feverishly as she can, to save every woman from her story. You have to be weird to save the world. You leave kindness behind you, when you go.

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Masters of Sex




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