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Our Girl Has Gone
Bill: "I am going to fly apart into a million pieces."

Libby: "No, you're not. You sit in that exam room night after night, watching people fuck, and you think it's about arousal plateau orgasm resolution and you think it's about physiology and numbers, and by thinking this you control it. You conquer it by studying it. You don't love where you desire, and you don't desire where you love. You think making a God out of Fucking brings you closer to it, but all it does it push you further away. Because the point of sex isn't orgasm, Bill. It's life."

Nothing that truly matters in this world can be measured like that. This, us, is life. Immeasurable. This is love; the involuntary, the very sphere of it. Without it, you're just a man lost in space. Calling out, hoping to hear something back. Little broken Billy, and Billy that loved Barton, and Bill that found a wife, and Bill in Room Five, all of them just want one thing: A home. They want to call out and hear something come back; some sign that there are walls, holding all those million pieces in. Holding you. And that is what I am, Major Tom.

Me and this baby are the echo. Listen.


Ethan: "No bacon for me, thanks."
Vivian: "What? You love bacon. Everybody loves bacon. People without personalities, even they come pre-installed with talking about how much they love bacon."
Ethan: "Trying something new."
Vivian: "How about some ham?"
Ethan: "LOL. You know, my dad's never even tasted bacon?"
Vivian: "He must be a very interesting person if he still finds things to talk about, then."
Ethan: "My grandparents raised him that way, and he tried with us, but I thought he was dumb and the second I could, I started eating bacon and I never stopped."
Vivian: "Everybody loves their parents."
Ethan: "Obviously. But you know what, I don't even know why we don't eat bacon, or why we get circumcised, or why you pretend you're eating somebody's flesh..."
Vivian: "Your father believes in Christ? Because I was given to understand..."
Ethan: "No, girl. No. I am saying... What am I saying?"
Vivian: "That you're nervous, and homegirl better step up the blowjobs. That's what I'm hearing."

What he's saying is that when you live by the numbers you die by the numbers, and eventually you fly apart into a million pieces. He's saying his father is the echo, and it just took him this long to hear.

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Masters of Sex




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