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I guess I'm more confused by the fact that it's 1957 and neither of them have ever heard of anti-Semitism or... I mean like Israel just happened. I know they're both kind of dumb, but that's amazing to me. On the other hand his parents seem to have a pretty complicated relationship to their heritage, as we'll see, and her family has other shit going on, so maybe they both just forgot Jewish people exist until this conversation. I can see that being true. This whole show is that same kind of thing: Oh wait, women can read? Duh, I knew that! My bad.


Jane: "Okay so like, indicate on my body where the camera would not be going past."
Virginia: "Like, collarbone? Obviously the facial contortions are mostly comedic."
Jane: "Not my ass, either."
Virginia: "I can work with that."
Jane: "And not my appendix scar, which has a horrific story attached."
Virginia: "A good rule for Lester would be to avoid all identifying marks, and that."
Jane: "Can I get it in writing?"
Virginia: "I guess, but wouldn't you say we've had you covered so far?"
Jane: "You and I both know this is a step forward. My Gammy and Gampy couldn't look at the Ulysses film of my vaginal contractions and say, It's our little Janie!"
Virginia: "Why on Earth would they... Okay, got it. Fine."

Virginia: "A contract, like a movie star. And extra money, too."
Jane: "For real?"
Virginia: "Jane, you're essential. Somebody has to be brave enough to show where it's safe to step, that it's okay what we're doing, and that's been you every time."
Jane: "I want to screen it first, before anybody sees. And if at all possible, I like to be shot from the right."
Virginia: "Beave St. Marie, you're becoming a diva."
Jane: "More like I have to put a million fences around this to make it okay. Why are you giving me an honorarium? To legitimize this out of being porn. It's not like I need money specifically to maintain my vagina. Or like how kinky people have to buy so much equipment all the time: It needs to be a game and grown up, all at once; it's gotta have rules, and an end zone. That's the cage that keeps the canary safe."


Essie: "Can I borrow a coffee urn?"
Libby: "Yeah, I have seventeen of them for some reason and you can borrow any of them except for the one on that very high shelf."

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Masters of Sex




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