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Our Girl Has Gone

"Uh, yeah. I get that you're being an asshole and trying to shock me, but what else is new? Listen, ya little wind-up robot. People have been fucking forever. Longer than even I've been alive, if you can believe it. The Blessed Virgin Mary aside, it's something everybody does and has always done. I am not shocked by bodies like you are. You wanna talk about sexual histories? Your dad was horny as hell. You wanna hear about that shit? No?"

Estabrooks 1, Billy 0. You can almost hear another spring sproi-oi-oinging free, somewhere inside his works at this one.

I always say Libby's my favorite character but I think Mom might be gaining. Somehow they both know exactly what keys to turn, where to step, and if you asked them I feel like they wouldn't be able to tell you how.

He thinks Virginia's going to be the one that saves him, but I think it's the other way around: He won't deserve her, until these ladies are done working their magic on him.


Vivian: "I just wanted some sense of like, what is a Jew even about?"
Ethan: "Cut to the Orthodox Temple on Delmar. That's like saying you want to learn to swim, so you join the Navy."
Vivian: "Anyway, we had a weird conversation about it and now he's converting."
Ethan: "I don't give a shit one way or the other, so..."
Bibb: "A resounding endorsement I'm sure."
Vivian: "Don't hassle us, Reverend. I'm frazzled."

"Fine. Dr. Haas, Vivian can explain Jesus to you, and I'll second-guess her every step of the way, and then when I feel like you're good and indoctrinated, we'll make you do a whole ceremony in front of a bunch of judgmental yuppies who will never accept you, and that will freak your brain out and you'll realize you've been making promises you can't keep this whole time. Then you'll have a panic attack. Sound good? Because then comes the wedding, which is the same thing but twenty times worse."


Is a bunch of douchebags, but at least you get to see 1957 college students sitting on a lawn somewhere having a study group in their perfect clothes. Also, one of them -- the worst one, admittedly -- is Charles, who is played by Gil McKinney in a sweater vest, which is about as perfect as it gets. But even ameliorated by that, there is no denying that Virginia has fallen in with a pack of cunts. And not the good kind.

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Masters of Sex




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