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For Now, I Am Winter
Ethan: "Bill, I am in love with her. And she doesn't seem to think that's as important as it is. So I need you to order her to be in love with me. Or at least talk me up."
Masters: "Or neither of those things, and shut up and go away."

Ethan: "I mean, what is it she wants?"
Masters: "What does the woman you're sleeping with want? The riddle of life itself can't come close to the unfathomable mystery of that question."

Your first mistake is thinking those are two separate things. Your second mistake is thinking they're the same thing. Your third mistake is thinking they aren't. And so on. Unfathomable mysteries aren't built to be fathomed. That's why we have science, because science never ends.

But your last mistake is asking anyone but her; and you couldn't hear her if you did.


Virginia: "So this is what's called paperwork..."
Libby: "Being married to William Masters is like, so weird."
Virginia: "I am positive that's true."
Libby: "I mean, everybody was staring at me when I walked in."
Virginia: "The garden in the courtyard is nice. We can sit there like two girlfriends, fill out the forms. No one will be the wiser. How does that sound?"
Libby: "Sounds like you just became my best friend. Hope that works out okay."

Virginia takes her time arranging Mrs. Masters on the table; a pillow, under the knees. She isn't going to tell Libby to run for the hills, to punch her husband in the face,


Betty Dimello: "What's up? I'm here for some unrelated shit you don't know about."
Virginia: "Cool, let's do some paperwork."
Betty: "No thanks!"
Virginia: "I mean, this is the procedure."
Betty: "Fine, you write it down and I will dictate. In addition to being fascinating all over the place, I maybe am illiterate."
Virginia: "No prob. I'm pretty easygoing. First question, What is your overall pregnancy deal? Your works and all that."
Betty: "I've had three abortions, if that's what you mean."
Virginia: "That is no kind of way to get pregnant, Miss Dimello."

Masters: "...Oh, crap Uh, Miss Johnson, please put Betty in Room Five and send Ethan in to fit my wife's cervix for a cervical cap."
Virginia: "So while you're in Room 5 with an illiterate hooker, a little boy she only knows from cocktail parties is gettin' right up in there?"

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Masters of Sex




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