Masters of Sex

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For Now, I Am Winter


Jane: "Ginny told me you have quite a waiting list!"
Masters: "Well, that was an awesome lie. She is kind of a hustler. Now, about the ground rules..."
Jane, disrobing: "Ginny already told me. Ginny is basically the biggest badass since Buffy."


Virginia: "I mean, it's interesting. You look at the data and it's all very clear. What's happening to the subject, physically. But then... This is your number one thing. This is your entire life. Think really hard about what you're about to say."
Masters: "It's almost like scientific data has nothing to do with subjectivity. I'm trying to give women agency on paper, but by doing it on paper it still remains mine. There's no narrative except for Bill Masters's narrative."
Virginia: "Right, which is why you need to stop sexualizing me. Not because it's wrong, but because you're bad at it. You take the long way around. You use your brain because you've never gotten a phone call from your body."

The map is not the territory. Jiddu Krishnamurti: "Sir, it is like a man who is hungry. Any amount of description of the right kind of food will never satisfy him. He is hungry, he wants food."

Masters: "Then like, what am I supposed to do? Ask a woman what it 'feels' like to have an orgasm? What am I, a girl?"
Virginia: "It's not quantitative. It would be like trying to describe salt to someone who's never tasted salt."
Masters: "It's like getting all these telegrams about sex, when every part of you is screaming to just pick up the phone."
Virginia: "You get points for trying this hard to resolve that, though."

Masters: "I mean, I've tasted salt. Oh boy."
Virginia: "...But never the way I've tasted salt."
Masters: "So go for it. How does an orgasm feel for a woman?"
Virginia: "Fantastic."

Jane, masturbating busily: "I CONCUR!"


Black lady's under the knife again. With a medical text watching carefully from the gallery -- Essentials Of Anatomy -- and Ginny staring, delighted, Bill walks Ethan through it. All the words for all the parts; all the countries on the map. Ethan hates it because he's showing off for Ginny; Bill can't hear him hating it, because he's showing off for Ginny, too.

Outside Room Five, a tall blonde hunk of a doctor, Austin Langham, has a stethoscope to the wall. Ginny catches him at it, ribbing him playfully.

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Masters of Sex




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