Masters of Sex

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For Now, I Am Winter
Ethan: "Do I matter in this conversation at all?"
Them: "Sshhhhhh."
Ethan: "Fine, I'm waiting fifteen more minutes and then that's it!"
Virginia: "Oh my God, like I care. Look, I'm giving this another hour. Just meet us there already."

Masters: "Is that still going on?"
Virginia: "What. We're just friends. He's all... We're just friends. It's my call."
Masters: "I mean, and I am trying not to come off as a douchebag here, but I think it's in our best interests -- scientifically -- for you to not be dating hospital staff while we're doing secret scandalous shit. I mean, we must be above reproach."
Virginia: "So if I were merely subjecting him to unnecessary and invasive treatm... Nope, not gonna go there. I hear you, Bill. And I know you're nervous about Scully, but..."

"I'm not talking about Scully! Every museum in the world is filled with art created from this basic impulse. The greatest literature, the most beautiful music. The study of sex is the study of the beginning of all life, and science holds the key. Yet we sit huddled in the dark like prudish cavemen, filled with shame and... and... Guilt... when the truth is, nobody understands sex."

Virginia: "Quite an autobiography. Not that you're wrong..."
Masters: "And now, nobody will. I'm not nervous, I'm mourning."
Virginia: "Fine, let's go get drunk at the NICU benefit already."
Masters: "Cool, let me grab my..."



Libby: "Sweet! Whatever Scully decided, you have something like a smile."
Virginia: "He is very persuasive."
Masters: "I persuaded her to marry me. And now I'm persuading her to find some champagne? So we can celebrate."
Virginia: "I'm coming too!"

She looks lovely in her gown; Bill pulls back on her with his smile, for a moment.

Masters: "I know, I look goofy. But it's just such a great day."
Virginia: "Would you have done it? Left?"
Masters: "Guess we'll never know."

Careful, Bill.

Virginia: "Oh, I've got my eye on Langham. He's married, but he's also had affairs. He's a gigantic sexy Aryan, which goes well with Jane. He's into nurses..."
Masters: "Okay, I can handle it from here. Good talk."

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Masters of Sex




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