Masters of Sex

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For Now, I Am Winter
Virginia: "Have you not noticed I am hella good at this?"
Masters: "Yeah, but he's a doctor. He's a man and a doctor, that's two levels above your usual prey. I'm not saying women are gullible whores, I'm just saying he's a doctor who is a man."
Virginia: "Yeah? So are you, and I worked your shit like a master."
Masters: "Uh, I picked you for this."
Virginia: "Okay, buddy."
Masters: "I love it when you patronize me. I get the superficial ego stroke, and I also get to know you respect me enough to keep it above the table."

"See if you can get him away from his wife," she says. I wonder if she hears herself yet.


Libby: "I mean, and then you just lay there, legs up by your ears, everything completely exposed... And even with his tiny hands, it was... It's like cramping, but worse. They keep taking blood for labs, one of my veins has collapsed..."
Virginia: "In lieu of wrecking your marriage, which would wreck all three of our lives at this juncture, I am going to halfheartedly assure you that everything is going to be okay. As much as I love you, we both know you're pretty basic."
Libby: "Like because I want a baby? Fuck that. I want a baby because he wants a baby. I am a failure as a woman because I can't help him succeed as a man. My own desires don't even signify. This shit goes a lot deeper than you think. I mean, I pray before we fuck."

Virginia: "Wait. This is about giving him a child? Dr. Roboto?"
Libby: "Didn't you get married the second time so you could have kids?"
Virginia: "Yeah, but I didn't go all Mengele on the guy to get me there. Jeez."
Libby: "You know him. Having a wife grounds him, keeps him from turning to stone. He is human because he has one of me. Who knows how lifelike he'd be if he got a baby? My marriage might actually turn real! I mean, we have no way of knowing. Until then, it's just me and my broken guts, annoying him at every turn. Can you imagine? Being this brilliant doctor, and he's stuck with me. A barren lonely beast."
Virginia: "Can I imagine being a rich white man? Yeah, everybody's lives are spent training for that leap of compassion. But can I imagine being married to you and not appreciating it? Not at all. That's where it falls apart."
Libby: "You're right. He's very important."

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Masters of Sex




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