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For Now, I Am Winter

Virginia: "Boys, just discussing anonymous sex in a clinic, correct? Can I ask who's gonna win the pool?"
Langham: "Nobody. I'm still pretty weirded out. I mean, look at me. People would pay to watch me masturbate, for sure. But I just..."
Virginia: "Oh, we're not doing that one with you. This is couples."
Langham: "Nice! But I mean, my wife won't even let me look at her naked. That's why I am so gross."
Virginia: "Yeah, I'm sure that's why. But no. We're recruiting tons of the hottest ladies even as we speak. Singles in your area."

Langham: "Ladies? What kind?"
Virginia: "We preserve the anonymity of our volunteers. But we've got a secretary, and I'm working on a nurse, and a hospital administrator's wife..."
Langham: "No way. Only hookers and insane coeds would agree to this."
Virginia: "Rude! There is a hooker, but..."
Langham: "Why are you offended, are you in it? Because that is a horse of a..."
Virginia: "No, because I am doing the study. But I would have no problem doing it if I were just some insane coed down the street. And you know why? Because sex is not bad, and because this is about science."
Langham: "Okay, now close the deal."
Virginia: "I am talking hot bitches. Young ones."
Masters: "Trust me on this."
Langham: "This whole thing feels like Christmas or something..."

And just as Bill and Ginny are giving each other a silent high-five, who should run up but stupid Ethan, who's been told by Libby that they're working the crowd while she sits, patiently, alone at the bar. He drags Ginny off into the cold night, and things get shitty.


Virginia: "Ethan, let go of me! What the fuck? Like you're actually hurting me!"
Ethan: "So?"
Virginia: "Nice."
Ethan: "How many times have we slept together?"
Virginia: "I can see the end of this from here, and I'm not doing it without a crowd of people in a well-lit area. Come back inside."
Ethan: "How many times? How many times have you let me fuck you?"
Virginia: "Not doing this now. You are in meltdown."

Ethan: "I haven't seen you in weeks!"
Virginia: "You see me every day."
Ethan: "Not like that! Alone! You work late every night, I can't even give you a ride home thanks to that bow-tied asshole..."

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Masters of Sex




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