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For Now, I Am Winter
Ethan: "I fundamentally cannot hear you on a very basic level right now. But when I fuck you, it's because I love you."

Careful, making me the boring one. They don't even have to go together.

Virginia: "Welp, you fucked it. Puppy, we're done. I'm sorry that you're drunk and hurting and I am sorry to be the cause of it. Even if you're the one actually doing it, no matter how many times I tried to help you not do this to yourself. But I'm going inside."

Punches are at this point exchanged. It just gets colder and colder. But no brighter.

"Fine. Wear the lab coat, Virginia. Run the study. Play doctor all you want. At the end of the day, all you really are is a whore."


It hits her again, with her shiner in the hallway, as she's picking up some magazines from the mailbox. When her boss asks about it, she'll make some excuse. Not because she's afraid, or embarrassed, but because it's none of his business. He'd do something unpredictable, or say he told her so, or worry aloud about the impact on their study, the interdepartmental drama he was so afraid of.

And what if Ethan's right? The bright winter sun goes dark and muddy and suddenly she's a whore. Is she gross, or is this okay? All it took was somebody saying it. Out of love, even; that makes it worse. Whatever it was, he thought it was something beautiful. At least she hit back.

Mrs. May is pregnant. She throws her arms around Dr. Masters's secretary, the kind woman that watched them operate when the last one left; she weeps. The light comes back, for a moment, as they weep for joy. Mrs. May feels warm, like the sun on winter snow. He did that.


Masters watches from behind the glass; Ginny gets Jane set up, before Langham arrives.

Virginia: "So then I attach the leads..."
Jane: "We're just laying there naked?"
Virginia: "Yeah, you can cover up with sheet if you feel weird. I mean, figuring this stuff out is part of the fun. Being the first. Pioneers!"
Jane: "Cool."
Masters: "She really is, like, so good at this. How would you even classify it?"

Langham: "Nice to meet you, I'm... Anonymous."
Jane: "What a coincidence! Me, too."
Virginia: "This is going well. So you guys just hop up here and get comfortable. There aren't any rules, per se. We're just testing physiological responses, so think about running through the four stages we've identified. Excitement..."

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Masters of Sex




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