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For Now, I Am Winter
Langham: "Done. Check. Ten-four."
Jane: "Lol."
Virginia: "...And then plateau, which is usually intercourse if you're vanilla but could also be freestyle. Then orgasmic, which you know about from that giant vibrator and/or being a dude. And then refractory, that's the part with the cigarettes..."

Langham: "I feel, like, every possible feeling right now. It's like being at an audition in front of God."
Jane: "What about the wires?"
Virginia: "Just go slow. That'll make it better anyway. Remember? Because being a pioneer is fun!"

They are wonderful, together. They're classic looking, blonde white people with nice bodies, but it's the laughing and the weirdness and the trepidation and the excitement; then the intensity, and then the recognition, it's... There is something about this moment, about this entire show really, but particularly this most high-stakes moment, that is just so kind.

So unutterably kind, and compassionate, and excited, and smart. It's back-to-the-Garden stuff, like, just for one second it's not Ulysses that isn't judging, but the whole world. Normally you would say, "Nobody's watching, do what you want," but this takes it one more step toward divinity: "Somebody's watching, and it's still okay."

"Can I kiss you?" Austin Langham asks, and Jane sighs.

We watch the Olympics to see holy machines, doing what they were built by grace to do. We have sex is to remind ourselves that we're no different.


In this moment, of all moments, Ginny feels more like winter than ever before. Excitement, plateau, orgasm, refractory: All of them the unfathomable mystery of life itself. All of them used as weapons, until now. The jackboot on your throat. For a second Ethan is invisibly tiny, at the other end of a telescope, crying because he doesn't get it, because he doesn't get what he wants; because he thought she was cheating on him with science, like he ever had her in the first place.

Clean and white and above board; cold and clinical. It feels good, and even the fact that it feels good feels okay, untainted, unselfish. You're clean. And Bill is in love with science. There is no man behind the curtain. You've stepped out into the sunlight -- not a simulacrum of the sunlight, not another cage, but a whole way of being.

Until he speaks.

"I do have one concern... About the possibility of sexual transference between us and our patients. We're going to be watching couples have sex, and those couples know we're watching them. But the likelihood of us transferring all this libidinous energy onto our patients is high."

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Masters of Sex




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