Masters of Sex

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For Now, I Am Winter
Masters: "I know what a blowjob is. I read about it in a book."
Ethan: "What it is, is awesome."
Masters: "It sounds pretty awesome. Too bad I am a royal mess. It would have been nice to get a blowjob sometime."


Jane is the secretary running Ginny through her first day in the insurance department, and boy is she sassy!

Jane: "Get ready because doctors are the worst. Your whole job is basically pretending that they know best and doing whatever they say, like they're God, even if it's just arbitrary or personal quirk nonsense."
Ginny: "Male doctors?"
Jane: "Redundant. Okay so like, these are the insured patients' files, which Dr. Phillips insists be kept separate from the walk-in ward patients, so they don't catch poorness. It's a hassle because this is a teaching hospital. Then, you've got Dr. Hunt, who wants all his shit in storage..."
Ginny: "I need a directory so I can see all the names and departments and..."
Jane: "Quirks, incomes, marital status, their availability despite marital status..."
Ginny: "We are bad! I love bein' sassy because it's almost like being considered a person in the workplace. I can't wait until the Pill is approved for contraceptive use in the US in about five years. We'll be a lot closer to being actually people then. Anyway, in the meantime, how would I look up this dude Haas...?"
Jane: "Ethan Haas, first-year fellow, OB/GYN..."
Ginny: "And who's his boss?"
Jane: "Dr. William Masters. The alpha dog of coochie medicine. Why did I even say that? What a crass thing for me to have said. Sometimes the sassiness gets away from ya."


Ethan: "It was so sexy! But what does it mean?"
Masters: "What does a blowjob mean? What are you, a girl?"
Ethan: "Uh, is your secret project not entirely about that?"
Masters: "No, men still give women's sexuality its meaning. I am only studying physiological responses."
Ethan: "You're right. Who cares what goes on inside the machine, as long as it gives excellent head? I better think of more ways to get blowjobs out of that machine. I mean girl. Girl that I love! Because she is elegant, smart, and gives you blowjobs on her own initiative. I can't wait to marry her!"
Masters: "I hope she says yes, then."

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Masters of Sex




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