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For Now, I Am Winter

Those dummies! Women, always confusing sex and love. Good thing men are too smart for that, huh Dr. Haas? I guess it's a good thing those dumb girls haven't been allowed from childhood to express their anger physically, or trained to think that sexual service is a right, and that they're on average smaller and have less upper-body strength, or else one single friendzone tantrum and those bitches could put you in the hospital!

Ginny: "Yeah but they don't have to be. They don't even have to go together. Sex can be perfectly good on its own, whereas love is..."
Masters: "This is fascinating! It's like seeing a dog wearing people clothes!"
Ginny: "I guess so. It seems kind of obvious. I mean, I don't exactly bring up this stuff at dinner parties, but..."
Masters: "I feel like this interview is suddenly over for some reason."

Ginny: "Okay, well... Hey, did that lady live? The black lady. She doesn't have a name because it doesn't matter. Think of her as a Magical Uterus."
Masters: "I don't see race. But I do see a lot of vaginas, and I think she's gonna be okay."
Ginny: "That sounds really rewarding for you, as a doctor. She would have died, had you not stepped in?"
Masters: "Yeah, the level of care in the black ward is pretty close to nil. Not that I've been down there or otherwise helped to change that, but this one uterus was special."
Ginny: "Good for you, Dr. Masters. Good. For. You."

Masters: "Hey, why do ladies fake orgasms?"
Ginny: "Because it turns you on to imagine that you have power over something toward which you actually feel powerless. Kind of like your entire job."
Masters: "So it's like a favor you do, so we'll feel good about ourselves? Just like everything else you think and say and do?"
Ginny: "Partly that, but mostly it's so you'll come, and then we can get back to whatever we'd rather be doing."
Masters: "Good thing this is just for science, or that might freak my entire brain out."


Ginny: "Hey, could you sign me up for a bunch of classes right now?"
Lady: "Women don't need college. Just a jar of cold cream and a healthy womb."
Ginny: "Nice. I want to study nurture versus nature..."
Lady: "That's not a major."
Ginny: "Uh, duh. But would it fall under behavioral sciences, or..."

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Masters of Sex




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