Masters of Sex

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For Now, I Am Winter
Lady: "We don't have a department of that."
Ginny: "Huh, because I lied about it earlier so I kind of... Listen, I am very into this topic. I have kids, do you have kids?"
Lady: "Yeah and it didn't matter because I was a mother to them, not gallivanting around college campuses in tight sweaters making up imaginary college classes like it's Tisch over here. I was a mom. That was their nature and their nurture. Just me."
Ginny: "And I'm sure they enjoyed every fucking minute of it."

Lady: "If you want my advice..."
Ginny: "I do not."
Lady: "Go home and think about what you really want."
Ginny: "What I really want is to push your face into a punchbowl until you stop kicking, but I'll settle for you, enrolling me undeclared, in the Sociology Department. Now. Thanks."


Masters: "Even though I wrote it specifically to highlight that it's about body parts and not about fucking qua fucking?"
Provost: "Even so, I can't do this. This is somehow pornography and prostitution at the same time. Come on."
Masters: "In the real world you're so fond of, there are libraries on how babies are born, but not a single study on how babies are made. Your body does stuff. Weird stuff! That's what being a doctor is literally all about!"
Provost: "Through the study of live adults flopping around on beds and jacking off?"
Masters: "Yeah, doesn't it sound great?"
Provost: "Do you realize you have a good thing going here at the hospital? We gave you honors at the beginning of the episode, Liz Lemon. Honors!"

Masters: "My practice, like my own sex life, is a revolving door of cripples. Women disappointed, confused, even tortured by sex. Or at least by their husbands. And no matter how desperate they get, all I can tell them is to get a divorce, get used to suffering, or get a side piece. That's not what a doctor is supposed to say! I'm not Dr. xoJane over here, I actually believe in self-respect. Also science."
Provost: "So send 'em to the head shrinker!"
Masters: "But the crazy is not in the ladies! It is in what you are doing right now! This is about me getting a Nobel Prize, okay. Go big or go home."
Provost: "Mainly I'm concerned with contributing to your delinquency. I am already your bro, so when this goes down I am going to look like a pervert. A pervert who gave another pervert a party on the school's dime. Therefore, I am saving you from yourself."

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Masters of Sex




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