Masters of Sex

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For Now, I Am Winter
Masters: "Denying my agency because you don't understand what I am about? Piffle! How disrespectful since I'm a man."


Libby: "Elvis Presley on TV makes me feel like sex is not a huge secret, and that was just a lie we were told by our mothers. Discomfiting."
Masters: "Listen, if it weren't for the Age of Enlightenment we would have to keep telling that lie, but now we have science so we can make it still be super weird -- but with our brains!"
Libby: "So which came first, the self-reinforcing need to regulate women's sexuality like a rare commodity, or the dehumanization that comes along with being treated like a commodified Other?"
Masters: "Don't wear yourself out, sweetheart. Either way we all get to be repressed as hell."
Libby: "Okay, daddy!"

Masters: "Anyway, I have a rare feeling of emotions."
Libby: "Daddy, oh no!"
Masters: "Yeah, I feel like I'm not doing a great job because Scully is being mean."
Libby: "No! I won't allow it. Let's instead look at this shiny object where I can't do my job. By crapping out tons of babies! Because I'm a woman!"
Masters: "Did I not throw you one like, earlier this week?"
Libby: "I had a visitor."
Masters: "I love how you don't call it menstruation or even relate it to your own body at all. As an obstetrician I don't mind, but as a dude I really hate thinking about vaginal bleeding. Bleeding out of your vagina. That's two scary things at once! Like a tornado with sharks coming out of it."

Libby: "Either way, I have failed once again. No matter how much sperm you creepily cram up there..."
Masters: "I have an invention for that! You will find out about it later. It won't help."
Libby: "Anyway, my bad."
Masters: "Yes. Yes it is your bad."


Virginia: "Your wife? You're including your wife in your cervical-cap trial? Which I totally know all about?"
Masters: "Yeah. She's real dumb and useless, like a cow that doesn't give milk, so she's gonna need your help with the paperwork and whatever."
Virginia: "I bet it's really hard being barren in 1956."
Masters: "I guess. She seems pretty bummed."
Virginia: "Are you not also bummed?"
Masters: "Why would I be bummed? There is fucking nothing wrong with my junk."

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Masters of Sex




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