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You Be Me & I'll Be You

Ethan: "How's that feel?"
Vivian: "...Cold? Degrading? I mean it's not like you're doing this for my benefit, or anything. I mean very sexy. It feels amazing, not at all gross and sticky and awful."
Ethan: "Sweet because there is a lot more of that comin' your way. Only not really, because I am almost too drunk to even act this much of a mess."

So of course the hospital calls -- Vivian shivering on the couch as the stuff evaporates -- and he's like, "Uh, call the on-call doctor? I almost answered a banana just now." No dice. The woman's got a fever, she's centimeters from giving birth and the dispatch is freaking out, and finally Ethan summons that clutch sobriety you can sometimes find deep in yourself and asks Vivian for a ride to the hospital.

...Where he boots, rallies, trades out his gloves, and heads on in to do some doctorin'. You can see why Vivian's so taken with him.


Bill: "I'm just not sure you should go for the first house you see?"
Essie: "Actually it was like the fourth one. I'm making an offer."
Libby: "Are you sure? I didn't love it."
Essie: "No, I am decided."
Bill: "Now she's decisive."

Essie: "If I end up not liking it, I'll just sell it and get something else."
Bill: "That is a very cavalier attitude."
Essie: "Darlene has been very generous. But she's not easy. She's got a strong point of view, you can't... I just want to settle. Here."
Bill: "Oh, Darlene's hard to live with. So you're being decisive."
Essie: "Not sure I am getting what you're saying, but yeah. She's very moody, and I've had enough. Why is that weird?"
Bill: "No, it's fine. No, good for you, taking care of yourself. Recognizing your limits."
Essie: "Um, it's 1959."

Bill: "Look at you, I mean it! Traveling on your own, making decisions on the spur of the moment, taking the risk that things will work out someplace new..."
Essie: "Your mouth is saying nice stuff, but your face and demeanor are being a real asshole. It's confusing."
Bill: "Just wouldn't have thought you'd have it in you, Mother."
Libby: "Bill, what is even going on now? Why are you being so mean and weird."
Essie: "It's fine. I'm trying to be cool about it because I know exactly what he's talking about, and I don't disagree with him. But it's better late than never."

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Masters of Sex




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