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You Be Me & I'll Be You

Bill: "Daniel. What do you think of ol' Nicholas?"
Stan: "Andrew. We're naming him Andrew. We decided."
Sophia: "Yeah. After Stan's brother. So there's that."
Bill: "Have you held ... Andrew ... yet?"
Stan: "I said he could hold him when he's a little bigger."
Daniel: "I could do it."

Bill flinches at Stan's response, and shivers at the next thing.

Stan: "My kid's got a smart mouth on him, Doctor. Maybe this one'll be a little better behaved. And the next one... Please God, a girl!"

Sophia gazes up, into Bill's eyes, and he won't smile at her but he tells her anyway. Tears rush into her eyes, and she thanks him, whole-heartedly, for what he could afford.

"Could you look after this for me?" he asks Daniel, handing him the practical model.

The woman who falls apart.


Bill: "Do you have that recommendation I was supposed to write?"
Gini: "Bill, I'm made a terrible mistake."
Bill: "So retype it. You're fast."
Gini: "I mean like, an error in judgment."
Bill: "You're good at that, aren't you."
Gini: "You are the fucking worst. Why are you like this. Whatever, anyway I may have endangered the study again. You know, somebody I know showed up to participate in the study. Somebody I know well. My ex-husband, actually."
Bill: "Okay..."
Gini: "He needed money and I guess he found the flyer at home and he showed up and I just froze. I just turned the radio all the way up and watched him masturbate with you."
Bill: "There wasn't a Johnson in there. Was there?"
Gini: "No, he used a different name. Which I don't really want to tell you, because then that pretty much makes it like you interviewed my ex-husband about fucking me, which is a strange thing for a boss to do."

Masters uses his brilliant mind to deduce that we're talking about Walter McAddy; giggles like Gollum when he figures it out. You be me, Bill thinks, And I'll be you.

Q: "Are you generally the one to initiate coitus?"
A: "Nowadays, but... She used to like calling the shots in bed, she's a take-charge kind of woman generally. When we'd go dancing I'd have to remind her to let me lead, once in a while."


Essie: "I put aside a plate for Bill, even though I'm guessing he's not coming home."

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Masters of Sex




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