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You Be Me & I'll Be You

Essie: "I put aside a plate for Bill, even though I'm guessing he's not coming home."
Libby: "I was into it, I hooked up with it, I married it. Now I'm pregnant. It's totally fine."
Essie: "I hope you don't take it personally. Or at least, not too often."
Libby: "You know what's weird? I think it's about the baby. I think he's stressing about that, about life changing, or... Which is funny, because he wants to change the whole world and he really thinks he's going to, but God forbid we suddenly have a family around us."
Essie: "A baby changes everything, that's for sure."

Careful, Libby. It's right there. Be careful.

Libby: "What was Bill's father like? He doesn't talk about him."
Essie: "He wasn't a ... bad man..."
Libby: "Gotcha. But Bill's a good one. I believe that, at least."
Essie: "No, that's true."
Libby: "I mean, psychotherapy like just got invented so I'm spitballin' here, but maybe if you drew him out a bit, or helped him understand his dad, he'd stop sleepwalking or..."
Essie: "Honey, no. Listen to a thing about men you need to know."

"Women look back. Men only look straight ahead. Disappointment and regret, that's where we live. But men run from it."

Libby: "Toward what?"
Essie: "Pleasure, I'd imagine."

You see what she means, but then you've got (500) Days Of Gini and Crybaby Ethan over here, for just two counterexamples. You've got Bill Masters, walking into the future with his eyes closed because he's too terrified to open them, and too terrified to turn around. You've got Estabrooks Masters, who sold that shit and moved to St. Louis.


Bill: "Thanks for coming. Back, I mean, to this second private session..."
Walter: "Just you this time? No jerking off?"
Bill: "I just want to ask you questions. About your anonymous ex-wife, and what it's like to fuck her."


He can't stop listening to the McAddy tape, even when Gini knocks on the office door to say goodnight: "If I leave right now, I just might be able to put dinner on the table for my kids. Do you mind?" He doesn't mind; he barely needs her at all, tonight.

"...Maybe I shouldn't be talking about this woman in particular. She's not the norm. If you're getting at what it's like with me in bed with a girl most of the time, then this isn't it. This one's different. She knows herself, she knows what feels good. She'll tell you."

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