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You Be Me & I'll Be You
Bill: "Sometimes it's the noise, other times it's running away. Escape. I'm fine. Go to bed. We have an actual nightmare on its way."
Libby: "Your mother's nothing of the sort. She's smart, kind, doting..."
Bill: "That's what you see, you take her. Seven days of that and you'll be sleepwalking to jazz too."
Libby: "Are you kidding? I can't wait to hang out with her. It beats having you beat up my cervix and standing me on my head for days at a time."

"The woman is helpless. She can't make a decision. She can't read a train schedule, can't balance a checkbook..."

Sometimes it's the noise, sometimes it's running away. It hasn't happened in a long time, but something's doing it. Some sea change, under the ice. A terror he can't look away from, that comes for him in sleep.

Libby: "I doubt it. But sweetheart, in four months we're gonna have another visitor, who really will need everything done for him. Think of it as dress rehearsal."

Libby Masters is getting big. Twenty-two weeks, in fact.


Meanwhile, Gini and George are awakened by Henry, begging for pancakes since we're all out of cereal. She's embarrassed, not because it's a man but because it's a fish she threw back. In three days' time, all of this will change.

Henry: "You and Daddy had a sleepover?"
Gini: "He was very tired. Go get your sister, the bus is nigh."

She can't believe he slept over, she never lets them sleep over. He rolls around in bed as she's dressing, shouting, horrified.

Gini: "The big deal, as you call it, is that now he's gonna think we're back together."
George: "Heaven forfend."
Gini: "Just say goodbye and go home."
George: "Well..."
Gini: "Here we go."

He's three months behind, and locked out, with his car about to be repossessed: "I even had to hock that old drum kit I was gonna teach Henry to play!" As though all of these things are equal. If they are, to him, then Henry is luckier than he seems.

Gini: "So you came here last night to sleep with me? Because you literally had no home."
George: "I came for the couch. Listen, can I have some money? I'm living out of a suitcase..."
Gini: "I'm a single mother of two, in 1959, on a secretary's salary. I work sixteen hours a day because I have hitched myself to an insane person for reasons neither of us understand. Go fuck yourself."

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Masters of Sex




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