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You Be Me & I'll Be You

For him it's like he was a kid, and she was this beautiful woman who knew all the secrets. And when he got brave enough to ask her to dance, she made him feel like the whole world was a movie, starring him, about Ethan and the girl he loved. And then she took it away again. And for the better part of a year, she's been right there on the wing, taunting him with the thing he can't have. The existential peace and comfort of true love, that would make him complete.

When he finally sits, alone and unloved and sad in that way only Ethan Haas can be sad, he's joined by a pretty young thing he doesn't quite remember.

Vivian: "You haven't seen me since I turned sixteen, so no pressure."
Ethan: "Yikes, what?"
Vivian: "It was my Sweet Sixteen party. You saved my ass! Daddy invited you, the band was playing 'Embraceable You,' and I very bravely asked you to dance. You dipped me. I felt like we were in a movie."

Provost Scully's daughter, Vivian. Their single issue, who is in college now. Who's feeling brave again.

"Daddy said if I did some volunteering at the hospital, he'd buy me a car. So that was one good reason. Want to maybe guess the other reason? Hint: I'll be 19 very soon."

His eyes go wide. He can't imagine what it's like to be her. He can't imagine it might be exactly the same; like when Gini asked him to go down on her, even though she didn't have a dick.


Is a Polish-American with a bad husband, who plans to keep working in the laundry up to end of her pregnancy. If it's a girl, she'll name her Michella. If it's a boy, Nicholas, after her father.

Sophie: "My doctor, my regular doctor, he doesn't seem to understand when I tell him this is going to be my last baby. He's nice, but..."
Bill: "Are you scared of having another cesarean? Because I am an awesome doctor."
Sophie: "No, I am saying that I can't afford another baby. My eight-year-old Daniel, plus this new one..."
Bill: "You have to tell me what you're telling me. My brain doesn't work like that."
Sophie: "Okay, well, my English isn't so great, but I have heard there's a surgery you can do where I don't have to worry about this anymore."
Bill: "Science is abundant, Sophie. We can take precautions."
Sophie: "Not with my husband, we can't."
Bill: "Gotcha. Well, it's 1959. An elective tubal ligation requires your husband's consent."

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