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You Be Me & I'll Be You
Sophie: "That is fucking ridiculous."

He flees, to answer a phone -- Gini's running late, thanks to her ex-husband in general -- and outside, there's a little boy. Daniel.

Daniel: "Nothing! Certainly not sitting here with a plastic model of a pregnant lady under my jacket."
Bill: "You know, it's a practical... I mean, it's supposed to come apart. You didn't break it or anything. Don't stress out."
Daniel: "So you're not sore?"
Bill: "Why on Earth would I be?"
Daniel: "Stupid kid comes in and messes with my stuff, I'd want to knock some goddamn sense into him."

Bill doesn't move, or breathe. He wonders if Daniel ever sleepwalks.


Libby's excited to see Gini, rushing in, and without meaning to puts her in a dilemma. She's running late, which will piss Bill off, but she loves Libby and it's part of her job to indulge her. She stands very still, as she's introduced to Mrs. Masters.

Essie: "Libby says you're absolutely indispensable to my son..."
Libby: "Both of us!"
Gini: "Well, then I'll be getting it from him for being late..."
Libby: "Did the kids hold you up? Like I'm doing right now?"
Gini: "No, my ex-husband actually. It is a long story involving a building that burned down and various suitcases."

And what his mother says next, Bill would burn to hear. He'd turn up every machine in the place, filling it up with sound; he would stare softly at nothing.

Essie: "Gotcha. Well, you've got to draw the line with them."
Libby: "I think you should get together with someone new."
Essie: "That'd fix his wagon!"
Gini: "You sound like you have a plan, Libby..."
Libby: "I have a couple of ideas. Mostly I just want you off the market."

Bill: "What are you doing here?"
Essie: "Totally normal stuff? I came to see my son's work?"
Bill: "I can't give you a tour right now, I'm a very busy scientist."
Gini: "Maybe I can massage your schedule a little bit..."
Bill: "You are late."
Essie: "Her ex-husband spent the night!"
Gini: "...On the sofa. Under a quilt, TV blaring into the night."
Bill: "Is this gonna continue to be a problem?"
Gini: "So it's one of those days, I see. No, it's fine."

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Masters of Sex




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