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You Be Me & I'll Be You
Essie: "No, I mean move here."
Libby: "Uh..."
Essie: "Ha! No, I mean get an apartment in St. Louis. Good Lord, you went white. My own place, close enough to help but not close enough to make the sleepwalking permanent."

Bill: "Who the hell is 'Ethan'?"
Libby: "Uh, Ethan Haas? Your protégé?"
Bill: "Not since the quads... And oh shit, you invited Virginia too? Libby, what kind of insane key party is this?"
Libby: "Come on, they already know each other, I just thought..."
Bill: "She's super wrong for him, she's older than him -- practically my age! -- and she has two kids, and two divorces..."
Libby: "Yeah, definitely keep talking, motherfucker. Anyway, she's bringing the kids. I thought it would be fun. That way he'll know them when she mends his heart after whatever awful woman broke it, and they live happily ever after. As God is my witness."

Some guys are into that. Sometimes you need somebody to show you how it's done. Some boys are just helpless.


Virginia's so intent on quizzing her kids about not acting barbaric at the boss's dinner party that she doesn't notice Ethan until she almost runs him over.

Gini: "Oh, shit. What are you doing here?"
Ethan: "Uh, what are you doing here? Are these your kids?"
Tessa: "Who the hell is this tool?"
Gini: "Word."

Ethan: "Oh my God, Virginia. She's setting us up..."
Gini: "I'll be goddamned. Did you do this? Are you invading again now too?"
Tessa: "Are you the kind of doctor that gives shots? Because fuck you."
Gini: "Attagirl."


The house is full of light, and people; there's jazz on the hi-fi. It's not loud enough, quite, to block out the conversation at the head of the table, all about grandparents helping out when a new baby comes.

Dude: "Moving to St. Louis maybe, huh? Got you spooked, Bill?"
Essie: "I am not a meddler. I know how to stay out of the way."
Bill: "That's right you do. Real good at that."

Ethan: "I know why you're mad at me, and I deserve it. But I swear this, I did not do."
Gini: "Why not decline?"
Ethan: "I thought she was going to introduce me to a girl! You know how she is. She seems like a creampuff, but she makes things happen. She made me believe I could get over you, but now..."

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Masters of Sex




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