Maternal Instinct

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Happy Mother's Day, bitch.

Prophet Five HQ. Peyton's meandering down a hall, lost in thought, when some dude runs up and tells her that Irina just called, and that she's located The Horizon. Peyton orders him to assemble a team because, while she doesn't question Irina's loyalty, she's not willing to take the chance that she's wrong. Not when they're this close. Looks like everyone's going to Canada! Get out the cheese and crackers, Wing and Glark! Company's coming!

Vancouver. Welcome to the Theatre of the Absurd. Complete with Italian Accents that Wouldn't Look Out of Place on The Amazing Race. Jack and Irina are sitting on a sofa at Queens Bank. A bank officer approaches and apologizes, but the bank is closing. Jack and his ridiculous ascot look disgusted. Irina apologizes for their daughter's tardiness and Jack shouts, "It's-a not-a her-a, it's-a that-a clown-a she-a married-a!" Oh, lord. The elevator dings and out comes Syd all, "Mama! Papa! Cannoli! Bruschetta!" The Bristow Family Players do a little improv about how clown-like the daughter's husband is, and how he doesn't want their money, and how they want to set up a trust fund for their grandchild, and yes, it's funny, but no, it does nothing to further the plot so, moving on. They all chatter back and forth and back and forth, and Irina gives Jack a little kiss, and the bank officer is like, "Do you have any money or NOT?" and Jack hands over a cashier's check and the bank officer is like, "Hell YEAH that's some money." They all head off to the bank officer's office to begin the transaction.

Back at the Apple Store, the CIA is still going over everything with a fine-toothed comb. Rachel grabs Getty and tells him that she knows about Korman, and that he killed Getty's wife and that she's worried Getty will go after him. Getty tells her that he already went after Korman, so she's too late. But he didn't hurt him or anything; he just sat there in the parking garage and watched Korman and his wife and his son get out of the car. He lies that killing Korman isn't going to bring back his wife and then he apologizes for not telling Rachel about his wife. And Rachel buys it hook, line, and sinker. She is such a sucker.

Queens Bank. The Bristow Family Players finish up their transaction, and Syd says that if her husband finds out about this he'll be mad, so they ask if they can keep the trust documents in a safety deposit box. Syd fakes a baby kick and asks to remain behind in the office. Be careful what you fake there, honey. You never know if it might trigger the real thing. The parents and officer exit, making small talk about how proud they are of their daughter, and how Sydney has excellent role models and then we cut to Sydney, totally pulling a spy maneuver over to the computer on the officer's desk. Hee. Very nice cut there. She calls Getty and says she needs his help. Devlin's standing over him, so he pretends the call is from his dad. Syd says she needs a backdoor into a secure system, and Getty transfers her to Rachel. Rachel gets to work on the encryption.

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