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Sisters are screwing it up for themselves

But back to the show. If you're in a makeshift prison, put there by people who don't trust you, and one of them hands you Dostoyevsky? You're not getting out for awhile. Henry gamely (if a little jokingly) asks if they've got any Stephen King, and Locke says the library's a little outdated. Any Wizard of Oz?

Outside the armoury, Jack wants to know, "What's with the book?" all weirdly disdainful. Locke says it's just something to pass the time (between sessions with Sayid, I suppose). And then Locke tells some story about Hemingway being jealous of Dostoyevsky or something, but I dozed off because I imagine it's a rare writer who isn't jealous of Dostoyevsky. Thankfully, he breaks off the story to ask what the long-term plan is with Henry Gale, because they can't keep him a secret forever. Jack, all annoyed, says, "We don't have a long-term plan for the button, but we keep pushing it, don't we?" And how scary is Jack, comparing pushing some button to imprisoning and torturing a man? Even Locke's speechless, but that may be because he's thinking, "Yeah, we keep pushing the button, no thanks to you." Jack says that until they're sure what Henry's deal is, they're going to keep doing what they're doing. "If you've got a better idea, let's hear it." Then they both glance off-camera because Henry says, quite faintly, "Why don't you let me go?"

We're on the beach. Kate's holding Aaron, who's still crying. Over to the side, tucked into the trees a little bit, Libby and Claire are sitting cross-legged, facing each other. Libby's speaking softly to Claire, getting her to breathe in and out, slowly, eyes closes, as she relaxes. Libby tells her to think back to when she was pregnant, and to think about what she sees. The camera focus shifts from Claire to the ocean, and we get the Clockwork Orange montage, with some repeats and some new footage: close-up of the bottles in the medicine cabinet, with serial numbers (or batch numbers or whatever they're called on medicine bottles) 4-81516-23 42; that woman's face again; the empty crib with the plane mobile; a door closing, with a menacing-man looking through the door's window; that needle squirting a little fluid out of the tip; an ultrasound, even though it's a lot whiter than most ultrasounds I've seen; that woman's face again, and her lips are moving; the needle going into the belly; and someone putting her hand over Claire's mouth as she struggles and tries to scream. Again, over top, someone talking about not wanting him to get sick. And that's it for this installment of Hollywood's salute to Claire's repressed memories.

And then Claire's in a white hospital gown, pulled up, revealing her belly, while the presumed doctor puts his hands on her belly. Thing is, we conspicuously can't see his face, so we all know that we're going to know who he is. And given the focus on the Ethan storyline during the previouslies, and that William Mapother's name was in the opening credits, it ain't gonna come as a shock. So the doctor's asking when her last checkup was. Claire answers about as evasively as you do the dental hygienist when she asks how often you floss. I feel bad lying to her; all she wants is to protect me from gingivitis. Claire says she's been really busy, and that she's going to Los Angeles. The "doctor" notes that travelling in the third trimester isn't usually recommended. Claire "explains" that there's a family in Los Angeles that's going to adopt the baby. "Oh, of course. I understand," says the doctor, as if, since that's the case, travelling in the third trimester is perfectly safe. Anyway, the "doctor" says the sedative he gave her was just a mild one, because he knows these exams can be very stressful. As he says this, he makes his way over to the medicine cabinet we saw flashing in Claire's memory. The "doctor" says he's going to give Claire a shot, and as he loads up the needle, the camera pulls back to "reveal" that the doctor is Ethan. He strolls over with the needle, and tells her not to worry, that she's just going to feel a little pinch. And the needles go in and we get some more rapid-fire Claire memories, like...ah, it's the same stuff. Klaxons sound, blah blah.

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