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Sisters are screwing it up for themselves

On Craphole Beach, Claire snaps out of her hypnosis and starts shrieking, despite Libby trying to calm her down. "It was Ethan! I saw Ethan! I saw him! It was Ethan!" Claire, tsk. Libby doesn't even know Ethan.

Kate comes running up, wanting to know what Libby did. Yeah, Libby did something, because it's so unlike Claire to suddenly start screaming. And Claire is completely losing her shit, and she wants Libby to do it again, which Libby won't, and she warns Claire that what she saw could have been a mixture of memories from before the plane crash with stuff that's happened on the island, but Claire yells that it was real. Oh, and also, Aaron is sick, and she's going to yell about that some too. Claire is the new Michael. ["…Who?" -- Sars] She yells that the room is real and there's medicine there, and she needs to find it. She asks Kate to help, and after a moment, Kate nods, almost imperceptibly. I think she's a little scared.

Remember how Eko was marking trees because they were his favourite ones? Now he's chopping 'em down. Doesn't seem to be much point to this scene other than to show AAA shirtless.

And we switch to Eko, shirt on, strolling through the hatch. "Hello," he calls out. Jack's in the bathroom with Henry, who's at the sink washing up. Henry looks up when Eko calls out, and asks Jack what's up, but Jack shushes him. So Eko comes upon Locke changing a light bulb, and Locke says, "Howdy," like this scene was originally written for Sawyer or something. "Hello, John. You are alone?" "Not anymore," says Locke, smiling, while in the bathroom Henry starts to ask something and Jack tells him to shut up. Back to Locke and Eko, who was "hoping to borrow a saw," and Locke uses his extensive department-store experience to show him the way. Oh, and Eko happens to glance into the armoury and see a cot. But he doesn't say anything.

On the beach, Kate strolls up to Sawyer, who's reading Lancelot by Walker Percy. And I know I was lying about The Third Policeman and "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge," but seriously...oh, forget it. "I need a gun. And you don't get to ask why," she says, and he calls her "Thelma" and says that since he has all the guns, yes he does get to ask why, and she says, "No, you don't," and he says, "Yes, I do," like COULD WE PLEASE MOVE THIS ALONG and then he says he found a new pair of glasses that are "damn near" his prescription, and he puts them on, and they're these huge glasses. So that's where Lauren Bacall put them! Kate admits that she's going into the jungle to track down Rousseau, who Sawyer helpfully identifies as "the French chick." Kate explains that Claire needs medicine for the baby. "She thinks he's really sick. As in quarantine sick." Sawyer asks what Kate thinks. "I think she's a little too worried, but she's going after Rousseau with or without me." "No boys allowed, huh?" says Sawyer. Not really, just no assholes, Sawyer. So he asks if she wants the nine-millimetre or the rifle. If you two are ever going to work things out, Sawyer, I hope for your sake she chooses the nine-millimetre.

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