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Sisters are screwing it up for themselves

So elsewhere, Claire is pawning Aaron off on Sun, who's really reluctant, and suggests Claire should listen to Jack. "What if Jack's wrong, okay? Jack said the fever would break and it hasn't. He's getting worse." She asks how long she's supposed to wait. It might be an Australian thing, but if you did a shot every time Claire said "okay"? Then you died last week. "A mother should not leave her child," says Sun, with some real anguish. But Claire doesn't take too kindly to Sun's judging, and snaps, "I'm sorry, are you a mother?" And Sun says that she's not, and there's clearly a lot going on under the surface with Sun. "Are you sure you want to do this?" she asks Claire, which seems to trigger something in her, and Sun has to repeat it. Again with the memory fragments: some sort of log, Ethan outside telling Claire that she needs to be sure, the plane mobile, the woman saying, "You need to get out of here," an operating room, somebody holding something over Claire's mouth, syringe, canteen.

And then there's Ethan, opening up the cabinet again and filling up a syringe. Claire's sitting up, and she seems kind of out of it. "Do you have to put that in my tummy? It really, really hurts," she says. Ethan gently says that he knows and he wishes there was another way. "But the baby needs it, Claire. Okay?" After a moment's consideration, she says okay. A wider shot reveals that this isn't so much a doctor's office as it is an operating room (judging by the big lights on the ceiling) that's currently doubling as an examination room. So he injects her, and then says, "That wasn't so bad, was it?" And she says, "Nooooooo," really drawn-out and low. She's higher than Paula Abdul. And hey, because she was so good, Ethan's got a surprise for her.

They leave the operating room, and go into a long, industrial-looking green hallway. Even with Claire being all loopy, she still seems a little unnerved. We see a little door with "Escape Hatch" over top. Passing by a circular doorless entranceway, Claire looks up, sees stairs and a ramp, and behind her, sure enough, is the Dharma logo. Ethan leads her past the presumed entrance and takes her to another room -- a nursery. "It's for your baby, Claire," says Ethan. Claire calls it amazing, in the same way that someone who's hepped up on goofballs thinks his own fingers are "amazing." Then she asks what happened to Charlie. "Charlie? Oh, he's fine. When we got far enough away from camp, I let him go back," says Ethan, "innocently." Claire buys it, though. She asks where all this stuff came from, and Ethan says he'd love to explain everything to her, but he's "afraid it would be a little overwhelming right now." Translation: the writers still aren't quite sure where this is all going. Claire touches a monkey decoration on the wall. I'm not sure a Johnny Chimpo motif is appropriate for a baby's nursery, but what do I know?

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