Maternity Leave

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Sisters are screwing it up for themselves

Kate catches up with Claire, just in time for Claire to take off again, saying she knows this is it. Kate starts yelling at her, but Rousseau says to leave her alone, and they bicker with each other. Meanwhile, Claire is off discovering a whole 'nother Dharma hatch. It's covered with a…giant trash bag? And Claire yanks it off, and we see the Dharma logo on the doors, this one with the caduceus symbol on it -- you know, the medical symbol with the two snakes entwined on a staff? From Motley Crüe's "Dr. Feelgood" album? They open the doors and stare down the shaft. Is it the season finale already? No? We're only halfway through the season? We might actually get to see inside before September?

Back from commercials, we get a shot of the open hatch doors, the hole in the jungle. Hey, close the door! You think Dharma's heating the whole island? Inside, the three woman cautiously make their way down the darkened steps, the unarmed woman with the baby back at the camp wisely leading the way. We can see a flashing light coming through the round doorway down at the bottom we saw earlier. Kate notices a Dharma-logo-stamped cabinet on the wall, and opens it to find some heavy-duty flashlights. She checks one to see if they work, and then distributes two more to Claire and Rousseau. They make their way down to the hallway, and see that the place looks empty, with flickering and buzzing fluorescent lights left on for atmosphere. Kate says she's going to go find the power and turn it on. Claire seems to be remembering things, and she leads Rousseau down the hall into the room that housed the nursery. I use the past tense because as they shine their flashlights around the pitch-black room, it seems to have been cleaned out. Reverse silhouettes of the Johnny Chimpo decorations have been left on the walls, which look really grungy, as if it has been several years since Claire was here, instead of just a few weeks. We see Claire's rocking chair, which is apparently the only thing left behind, just as the lights come on. Neither Claire nor Rousseau reacts to that. Nice that they assume that Kate found the power instead of considering the possibility the Others are back. "What is this place?" asks Rousseau. "It's where they were going to keep him," says Claire.

Elsewhere, Kate has found some sort of locker room. Opening one of the lockers, she finds some tattered clothes hanging up. Either that or the costume designer for the Dharma Initiative's main-stage production of Oliver Twist deserves some kind of award. Probably not so much the latter, but I love that they would hang up the rags. Wouldn't want them to get wrinkly, I suppose. She even finds Gruffy McScruffenbeard's little tuque thingy, and in a little box at the bottom of the locker, a bottle of theatrical glue and a fake beard.

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