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Champs & Chumps

Liam's garage. Liam calls the hotel his dad claimed to be staying at. Surprise, surprise, prison pappy checked out an hour before.

Clarkette Compound. Naomi returns home to find a stranger measuring her PoMo eaves. Jen coolly informs her that she persuaded Olivier to buy the place as "a sort of a country house." Naomi protests that it's her house. Jen specifies that it's only her house for 29 more days, then snots, "but if the construction bothers you, feel free to vacate sooner." Served! Credits.

Liam's garage. Liam sits and broods over his misplaced hope in pappy. He finally sucks it up and calls Naomi, who doesn't even let him get in a word edgewise because she's too wrapped up in her own drama. Liam ignores the fact that he just stole and lost 15 grand and calmly reminds Naomi not to engage. She takes a pause (to breathe, I guess), so Liam starts to spill his own very real problems, but she full-on hangs up on him to go eat ice cream. What a hussy!

West Bev. AAdrianna shares her good news with Navid, who gives her a proud hug before heading off to the Blaze room. Silver and her janky one-earring situation approach and tut, "Well, well, well, the plot thickens." AAdrianna assures her that she and Navid are just friends. She says she respects what he has with Lila, and Navid deserves a little happiness after the ordeal she put him through. Truth. Silver changes topic and asks for some insider tips on Teddy's dad. AAdrianna confirms Teddy's "judgmental" stance, saying Spence either loves or hates people instantly. She senses that Silver is nervous and cringes for the horror that is to come. Get in line, sister.

Outside, Dixon runs into Ivy, who is getting pretty ticked off about how flaky he's been lately. Instead of embracing her own awesomeness... Oh wait, she sucks. So I guess it's right that she thinks it's her fault. There's only so much sandy underwear and patchouli aroma a brother can take, right? Dixon promises that he doesn't mean to blow her off and reminds her that he's indefinitely grounded. He persists in being oblique about the reasons behind his grounding, instead distracting her by inviting her over to his house tonight while Harry and Debbie are out. Whoa there with the charm, buddy! These "let's keep this a secret" attitude might just a send a girl into spells!

Beach club. Jen condescends in Spanglish to the fluent-in-English chef that she wants to class up the menu a bit. Before he can offer any feedback, Naomi walks in, and Jen shoos him away. Naomi gets to the point, asking what Jen wants. Jen lays it on thick with some B.S. story about how she's reconciled with Olivier, and they're more in love than ever... "which is why I can't allow you to tell him what happened last year." Ah, subterfuge! Now we're talking. Naomi calls Jen a raging tramp. To Jen's credit, she agrees and apologizes for being such a skagbasket to Naomi. She even offers to give Naomi back the house. And in case you weren't already vomiting from the unctuousness of it all, she practically clutches her chest as she says, "But what I really want is another chance with you. You're the only sister I have." A bridge too far, honey. But, as we know, Naomi's dumber than a bag of Slankets, so she appears to think somewhat seriously about Jen's invitation to have dinner with her and Olivier.

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