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Once they finish recording, MILF and the sound tech step outside for the smoke break. Javier marvels at how AAdrianna could write such a radio-ready hit in only two days. Of course he doesn't realize that it was actually probably written in about 10 minutes -- and without the help of drugs, unfortunately. Navid walks in with flowers to congratulate AAdrianna and confess his feelings for her. Only trouble is she doesn't notice because she's too busy basking in the glow of Javier's praise. He asks if she wrote the song for boyfriend. She says dismissively that there's no one special in her life, no boyfriend, nada. Because the mics are still live, Navid hears this. He throws the flowers in the trash before walking out.

Next week: Things get muy caliente between AAdrianna and Javier. Really? There are two episodes left, and that's all you got? Did I mention that this show has already been renewed for next season? Sweet.

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