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Back at the Wedding of Futures Past, Jonah is filming the vows, and it's all the standard cliché stuff. In it, there's of course mention of being completely honest with each other and blah blah blah. Jonah looks over to see Riley crying at how beautiful it all is. He goes over after the ceremony to talk to her and that's when he decides to reveal he kissed Kendra, but he douchedly uses it as a trap to spring on Riley so he can come down on her hard for kissing Auggie. That's dash cunning of him. He gets to cheat without any blame. He claims that he needed to tell Riley immediately after what he did and he can't understand how she could go weeks without telling him about Auggie. Jonah walks away from Riley without a resolution. It's very much like that Aaliyah song.

David's Porsche pulls up alongside a construction yard, and he suddenly has some fragmented flashes of sneaking into that very construction yard at night and then, FLASHBACK, he remembers he woke up the night of Syd's murder covered in blood with a knife in his hand. You'd think you'd remember something like that even if you were really drunk before you blacked out. He jumps out of bed and follows the trail of blood, which leads out of the apartment and to Sydney's body floating in the pool. Flash forward to David burying the knife in the construction yard. END FLASHBACK. David runs into the yard with a shovel and starts digging. There's no knife.


At Coal. Marcello's being an asshole, but what's new? Riley walks up to Auggie with Violet and Riley asks for a moment of his time. They walk off into a quiet corner of the kitchen together and she tells him they can't be friends anymore because her relationship with Jonah comes first. Auggie's stunned, but he absorbs the blow to make this easier on the girl he obviously likes. That Auggie is a stand-up guy.

Ella walks into Jesse's hospital room, where Caleb is chomping at the bit to get his hands on the forged medical records, which Ella does not have. Caleb can't believe they couldn't buy off a nurse. Ella ignores this mistaken labeling of Lauren on Caleb's part and says it's time for plan "B," which involves them letting the story go public and controlling it from there. She theorizes that letting the tabloids have the story will humble Jesse and force him to get healthy while allowing them to control the spin. It might also propel him from teeny bopper to leading man status. Caleb buys it. Ella starts to leave and turns back to correct Caleb that Lauren isn't a nurse. "She's going to be the finest doctor in this hospital one day." Don't forget she also has a killer rate on half-and-halves.

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