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David's black Porsche weaves through traffic to the tune of Sean Paul's "Press It Up" until he arrives at a nice suburban house. The music keeps playing as we see Ella walking through her apartment, texting. Her newest message reads: "DISASTER on video shoot. Where are you?" Lauren sits at the breakfast table and asks if Ell wants coffee, but she's already out the door. Lauren's eyes go down to the newspaper where there's a job posting for a rotating physician assistant at ULA, the hospital where she works. Back to David, he's doing his breaking and entering thing in broad daylight. We see picture frames right away to let us know he's broken into his dad's house again. David makes a b-line for a briefcase, cracks it open and grabs a security keycard with "ULA" on it.

At the Love Nest, Riley is sneaking up on Jonah who is singing in the shower, "I got Riley Richmond in my hand!" Riley turns on the sink to shock Jonah with some cold water and stop the singing. First good thing she's done all series.

Back at The Complex Pool, Violet runs her hand through the water. She looks up to see Auggie coming back from a run, sweaty and shirtless. She smiles at him. Auggie smiles back and just sorta Auggies away.

As David leaves the house he just burgled, his dad, Dr. Negligent, pulls up in his car, jumps out and immediately begins to question him. David shouldn't be there without calling first, the doctor yells. David says he was just leaving a birthday present for his little brother and gestures to the porch where there's a little RC car with a big, red bow on it. Michael has his wife Vanessa in tow so David takes the opportunity to direct some animosity toward her before his dad can direct her inside the house. The two guys fill us in on some backstory via their barbs. David reminds Michael that Sydney was going to the medical board to tell them Michael helped her fake her death. That's plenty of motive for Michael to have murdered Sydney, he adds. Michael says nobody on the board would believe her because she was whacked out on drugs. He starts to walk away from David and FLASHBACK. A bloodied Sydney is being rolled through an ER on a stretcher. Michael, in scrubs, asks her who did this to her and she cryptically says it was someone from her past who wants to kill her husband, and asks him to let her die. Next, Michael is zipping up a body bag and putting Syd's name with the corpse. She's lying there on the next cold, metal slab and begins to thank him for the risk he's taking. He and Sydney share a tender moment when he tells her she's worth it. END FLASHBACK. David tells him he'll do what it takes to prove Michael killed her and walks off.


Ella walks into her WPK office to find Caleb waiting for her. Their client, a director named Kavi DeKnight, walked out of a Boomkat music video shoot. Ella's spin recommendation? DeKnight had a bad burrito and had to go home. Craft service will take the hit. That diabolical Ella. Caleb says it's too late for that brilliant strategy. If they don't find another director, Kavi will take a huge PR hit. Halfway listening to Caleb, Ella pulls up her contact info for an A&R guy from Columbia Records. She shouts out for someone to get him for her. Umm... you just pulled up his contact info and you have a phone in your hand, Ell. Caleb asks what she's doing, and she points out that this guy owes her a favor and can handle things on the label's end if she can get him to sign off on the director. "Who is the director?" Caleb asks."Only the hottest up and coming director in Hollywood," she declares as she walks off.

Cut to Jonah taking photos of Riley looking at wedding dress magazines. He plops down at his computer and brings up Riley's Facebook profile. Riley, this guy is way too clingy. He's lurking your page before he even finishes a conversation with you. Jonah notices her status still says "in a relationship," which to all the Facebook aficionados out there immediately means she hasn't updated it to "engaged." That's an offense punishable by tacky inclusions of social media references in storylines. Jonah asks about it and Riley lets it slip that she would like to inform people in a more personal way. Uh oh. She hasn't told anyone at all. "It's not like I'm hiding it from them," she tries to appease Jonah, but he's already ahead of her in the argument. Has she told her parents? Riley stays silent. Cue Jonah getting all emotional. "Did the fact it was three a.m. East Coast time stop me from calling my family and sharing the happiest news of my life... BLAH BLAH BLAH." This is what happens when you say "yes" to a Facebook lurker. Riley digs herself an even deeper hole, saying there's nothing wrong with telling people in her own way, which is to say, not telling them at all. "Should I have saved the receipt for that ring?" Jonah cuts at Riley. Just before Riley can put her foot any deeper in her mouth, Ella walks in. "Did someone forget to put down the toilet seat?" It says something that a terrible line like that is relief for this ghastly argument scene. There's an attempt by Riley to tell Ella now isn't a good time, but Ella goes straight to Jonah to tell him he's about to get his big break. She explains about the music video shoot and Jonah turns to Riley so he can passive-aggressively make his exit. "Let's get out of here," he says to Ella as he stares down Riley. Ru-fi-ohhhhhhhhh!

Lauren is leaving her apartment when she hears something upstairs in Syd's roped off apartment. She slowly goes to investigate. Everything seems normal until she finds a framed picture of her, Sydney and Ella on the floor. She walks by a suspiciously open closet door with the light on without investigating as the music swells. We catch a brief glimpse of Violet in there. Lauren just keeps walking and leaves. Violet is standing naked in the closet alone, covered only by a green dress she's holding up against her chest. She does a suspicious eye thing. Why is this happening?


At the hospital, Lauren is walking and talking with a doctor who says Dr. Mancini is the best cardiac surgeon this side of the Mayo Clinic. Everybody wants a chance to work with him. Lauren's asking for a chance to just talk to him when he happens to walk up behind her to ask the nearby receptionist for help getting into his office. He seems to have misplaced his keycard. That's some skillful storyline weaving there. Lauren introduces herself to Michael, but he is all business and disinterest. "I'll see you at the interview," he says. Lauren starts to walk off and then decides to play the David card. Michael asks how well Lauren knows David. She mentions they live in the same apartments and that leads to her bringing up Sydney. Michael brushes it off as he enters an elevator. FLASHBACK. Michael is at home putting together a crib. His wife comes in the room to tell him one of his colleagues from the hospital is there to see him. It's Sydney. Michael is obviously shocked to see her and concerned that if the cops found out she's alive they'd both be in a lot of trouble. Sydney puts that concern to rest when she tells him she just finished a 6-year prison term. She's pissed that he's married and living a nice life, and begins to remind him that she protected him from the rap of being an accomplice to a felony. Then, she tries to appeal romantically to Michael. "We want what we want. And we get it. It's just who we are." END FLASHBACK

At the video shoot, Ella and Jonah arrive. She tells him that the label already signed off on the original treatment, so he has to follow their storyboards. Jonah asks how Ella got him the gig. She told everyone he's a younger, hipper version of Kavi DeKnight, and if anyone can imitate his work, it's Jonah. Jonah's never met the guy, but he follows him on Twitter. Same difference, Ella claims. Her phone rings and she walks off, leaving Jonah lost in the madness.

Violet shows up at the Love Nest, which is being manned by Riley. She asks for some help with a wardrobe malfunction (ugh, I hate that phrase). Riley

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