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compliments her on a gorgeous dress. FLASHBACK (really? again already?) Violet is walking around The Complex Pool carrying luggage like she is there for the first time. She's met by Sydney who she is also seeing for the first time. Sydney is wearing the dress. END FLASHBACK. Riley asks questions about the dress and Violet says she's wearing it for someone she likes at work. Odd that Riley doesn't make the connection that she's talking about Auggie. Violet wants to get Auggie a gift. Riley makes some crappy suggestions. And scene.

Jonah knocks on the door of a trailer to find a raccoon. Oh wait. That's Taryn Manning of Boomkat. She looks pissed and asks who Jonah is. He explains he's the new director and she pulls a gun on him. Appropriate response. Taryn yells out for security. A big security guy walks toward Jonah who looks flummoxed and frightened.


Back at the Boomkat video shoot, Jonah is being followed by Ella as he storms off the set. She's trying to convince him to stay, but he's thoroughly freaked out. "The gun probably wasn't even loaded," she tries. Ella sees she's not getting through and resorts to leveling with him. She admits she's risking her career to give him this opportunity. Jonah asks what she's talking about. She sighs and says, "You know it must be tragic when I can't even sugarcoat it." Ella tells Jonah the situation at work with Caleb and Jonah starts complimenting her on her abilities. "You don't have to convince me I'm good. I'm great." Ella concedes that she didn't tell Jonah her problem because she didn't want to lose his respect. She catches herself, shakes off her vulnerability and puts the focus back on Jonah. She tells him she believes in him. Johan decides to try to disarm Taryn.

Riley shows up at Coal to ask for advice from Auggie for a surprise dinner she's planning for Jonah. Auggie starts gashing up when Riley explains she and Jonah are having problems. He tells her that Jonah's lucky and better hang on to her. Riley's face becomes a giant block of cheese. Auggie recommends she cook filet mignon with caramel-merlot sauce. "That sounds complicated," Riley says. Auggie's reply? "Relationships are complicated. Cooking comes with instructions." Wow. Just... wow.

Jonah enters the trailer of doom. He makes a big production of approaching Taryn with caution. He talks her out of keeping the gun on her during the shoot. There's "way too many people out there with lives and stuff," Jonah carefully deadpans. Taryn tells her story of her crazy number-one fan who tried to cut her head off when she was too trusting. She gets Jonah to admit that the gun scares the crap out of him before they head to the set together. The gun was loaded. "Always," Taryn says.

On the set, the video shoot looks like a reflective, fold-up windshield visor just exploded. Jonah is restless behind the monitor as he shoots the video. Taryn looks like she's not having any fun, but Ella says it looked fine as Jonah yells "cut." He starts to walk up to Taryn as Ella implores him to just get the thing done without incident. He ignores her and asks Taryn to rip off her costume. Taryn is excited at the idea. Jonah calls out to the backup dancers to do the same and just freestyle their dancing. He wants a handheld wide angle lens, shot low. Wow. I was with you until that, Jonah. Just no. Ella freaks, but Jonah reminds her she chose him and asks her to trust him.

Back at the hospital, David uses the security card he stole to get into his dad's office. He plugs in a USB flash drive and installs a remote access program. Lauren throws open the door for some reason and walks into the office, which should be considered off limits if it requires a key card. "David, what are you doing here?" Lauren, what are you doing here?


Lauren asks what David is doing in his dad's office again as she leaves her application on Dr. Mancini's desk. He says he was just in there to see if his dad wanted to go to lunch. The look on Lauren's face says she doesn't buy it, but she doesn't care because now she can ask David for help getting a recommendation. Lauren geeks out that she could be working with the guy who invented the transcatheter aortic valve. I'm so jealous, Lauren. David advises against working with Michael, saying he goes through interns like ex-wives and can be brutal. Lauren tries to get schticky when she says "brutal" is watching David and Ella drink by the pool while she has to study. David walks away. I would too, David. I would, too.

At Coal, Violet goes up to Auggie in the kitchen to give thanks for getting her the job. She's wearing her mother's dress and looks really happy. She pulls out a pair of sunglasses as a gift. Auggie's eyes go wide with fright. He immediately asks for someone to cover for him and leads Violet away so they can talk privately. He says he can't accept the $200 glasses and she doesn't owe him anything. Violet doesn't argue and puts on a smile as she takes the rejection and leaves.

Back on the set, now the music video looks like the type of party I would throw if I liked things that suck and Taryn is dressed like Hedwig's mom in Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Riley shows up and Ella jumps up to try and keep Riley from interrupting Jonah's "genius." They bitch at each other a little bit until the take is over and Riley heads straight for Jonah to try and share excitement over this opportunity with him. He's in his professional mode. Riley doesn't seem to get the hint until he flat out tells her he's busy and rejects her dinner proposal. Riley walks off upset and embarrassed. Ella smiles.

In Dr. Negligent's office, Michael is looking over Lauren's application as she sits across from him and says everything looks good. Then he asks why the admissions office has her red-flagged. Lauren tries to assure him she's doing everything she can to straighten out her finances, but Michael is cold about it. His interns will have "no time for extra shift at Starbucks." He says he'll be in touch with her. Lauren gets up to leave and for some reason thinks to ask if David found him. Michael freaks out about David being in his office, but catches himself before he lets Lauren know something's wrong. She leaves none the wiser.


Love Nest. Riley blowing out candles as Auggie happens to walk by. He's all smiles as he says he noticed Jonah's car isn't out front and he doesn't smell food cooking in the kitchen. Riley tells him the dinner is off. She admits to Auggie she hasn't told anyone about their engagement because she doesn't want the phone calls and fanfare. Auggie doesn't believe that, but he believes they'll work through it. Riley wonders why they should have to work at all. This is supposed to be the easy part. He pours her a glass of wine and asks if she's hungry. Riley smiles.

Back at the cliché music video shoot. Jonah yells, "Cut, and that's a wrap!" Taryn pulls Jonah aside and tells him to come to an afterparty so she can get freaky with him. Jonah passes. Taryn is jarringly accepting of rejection and just sorta leaves after making a wisecrack about Jonah being gun-shy. Ella walks up, having seen the whole thing. She is in disbelief that Jonah plans on going home to Riley after the day they've had. Jonah feels like he was too hard on Riley. Ella goes back into the "you're brilliant" speech again and advises him not to let anyone get in the way of his talent, but Jonah feels that if he doesn't have Riley to share it with, it doesn't matter. He can't just turn off his emotions like Ella. Oblivious, much? Ella threatens that if he doesn't put his career first, he'll only have birthday parties and bar mitzvahs to share with Riley.

Back at the Love Nest, Riley is finishing her bottle of wine. Riley starts crying to Auggie. She doesn't know how she feels. They kiss. She catches herself and starts saying she's drunk. Really, really drunk. But totally coherent and her motor skills didn't seem impaired on that kiss. Auggie excuses her. He assures her everything is fine before leaving.

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