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It's late at night and David walks into his apartment to find the RC car he left at his father's house earlier sitting on his coffee table. Michael is lurking behind him. He asks if David wants to play that game. Does this game involve the RC car? He asks David what he took. David is flippant about the whole thing. This is like a battle of wits between two snails viewed at double speed. Finally, David brings up Sydney and Michael slams him up against the wall. Michael tells him he knows he stole the painting then starts lecturing David about him thinking he has everything figured out. He thinks he can just blame his abandonment for his problems. David counters with the fact Michael didn't just abandon him, he also abandoned his mother. Then David attacks Michael's livelihood, saying he just stood by and watched as David's mother died though he's supposed to be some great doctor. The doctor has had enough, and spitefully tells David he is going to be in his life now. He's going to make up for lost time and find out everything about David and his friends. Michael leaves David with that thought.

Michael walks out to The Complex Pool. The water reflection dances on his face as FLASHBACK. He's at home as his phone rings. He picks up and Sydney's on the other end. She's asking for retribution. He says he already opened his checkbook for her, but she sounds like she wants something else from him. Michael tells her he doesn't want to hear from her every time she has a meltdown. Sydney threatens to expose how he helped her fake her death to the medical board. He calls out to his wife and says under his breath that he has somewhere he has to go.


Jonah comes home and Riley immediately apologizes. She admits the problem is her. She asks why would he want to marry her when she doesn't know what she's doing? She claims he's intimidating. OK, if you say so, Riley. She says she saw him on the set today and he was fearless. He doesn't question himself and is sure of what he's doing. Well that's easy to do when you don't know you suck. After all this nonsense, she tells Jonah she finally told her parents about their engagement and she changed her Facebook status. Good. Can we end this story arc now, please? Jonah seems to think so. He hugs Riley and then randomly says they can't keep secrets from each other. I KNOW! Let's take a guilt trip! We don't even have to decide where we're going first. Let's just get in the car and go!

At WPK, Caleb walks down a flight of stairs to find Ella waiting for him. She asks if he saw the dailies, to which Caleb replies he did and they looked great. Ella boasts that she made the right choice about Jonah. Caleb pretends to not know who she's talking about because Kavi DeKnight directed this video. Having his name on the video will get it more airtime and, as a result, will get more exposure for their client. Ella is forced to accept Caleb's decision so she can keep her job.

Michael finds Lauren at the hospital. He gives her the internship right on the spot. He credits David for the recommendation. Lauren swears she'll do whatever it takes to work out her finances. Whore.

Ella comes home to The Complex to find Jonah out by the pool. She's a bit catty when asking if he and Riley worked things out. Ella apologizes for being hard on him at the shoot. She bears the bad news that Kavi will get the director credit. Jonah can't believe it and starts thinking legal action, but Ella knows better. She knows Jonah doesn't want his first exposure to be a lawsuit. She tries to make him feel better by claiming his next stop is feature land. I always wanted to go to feature land, but it's so expensive. Jonah thanks Ella for fighting for him and she turns back to the camera, looking guilty.

David is fixing his apartment door when Lauren walks up. Lauren tells him she made the team and that his dad said he had put in a good word for her. David goes back into his apartment and locks his door. Inside, he gets on his computer and brings up remote access to explore his dad's computer. He notices folders named with people's names. People's names we know, like: David, Ella, Auggie and a few names from the old series. There's also blank rental agreements. "What the Hell are you doing, dad? [You're totally cramping my style]"

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