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The One About Auggie Without Auggie
ere she messages Auggie. He responds. Transcript:
RIles17: Hey u there?
AugKirk: Yeah. What's up?
RIles17: What u doing in Mexico?
AugKirk: Struggling.
RIles17: Struggling with... ?
AugKirk: I've ruined my life.
RIles17: What did you do?
AugKirk: I'd rather not say.

Riley's conscience finally catches up to her and she rummages through some graded papers to find Detective Rodriguez's business card. She stares at it as she contemplates calling.

ULA. David sits with Noah with a worried look on his face. Laurens stands in the doorway watching. David's obviously shaken. Dr. and Mrs. Mancini enter the room and rush over to Noah. Lauren gives them the rundown of the injuries as David sort of lingers off to the side. Mrs. Mancini turns to him to say he's never to come near Noah again. Michael motions over to David so they can have an aside. Dr. Mancini starts to threaten David with pressing charges if he ever tries something like this again, but David totally owns up to what he did and admits he wasn't thinking. He just wanted to spend time with his little brother whom he loves. This catches Michael off guard, but he still has to be a hard ass to David no matter how disarming a declaration he makes. Dr. Mancini walks off to check on his son and deal out some praise to Lauren. She absorbs the praise awkwardly.

Jonah comes home and calls out for Riley. She's in the bedroom moping over her contemplation of having to call the police on her friend. Jonah lets Riley know he trusts her judgment because he would want her to trust him in the same situation, which now you know, ladies, is code from your spouse for: "I totally could've banged my close friend today, but I puss'd out." Riley has already moved on to thinking Auggie might need to be assessed by the proper authorities. Jonah supports Riley in whatever decision she makes. Riley decides to dial the cops as they hold hands.

WPK. Ella's called into Caleb's office. Franz has signed with WPK after all and has mentioned to Caleb that it was Ella and her boyfriend who convinced him. Caleb happened to get a name from Franz on who her boyfriend was. It's bad timing that for once Caleb would be encouraging for Ella when he goes on to praise her taste in Jonah. When Ella insists Jonah is engaged to someone else, Caleb insists that if he's pretending to be her boyfriend, he obviously wants to be her boyfriend. Ella brushes it off and claims Jonah is so not her type as she does an about-face and walks out of Caleb's office on the verge of... I guess not tears. She's a robot, after all.

The Complex Pool. Violet swims over to Lauren who's on a floaty chair, reading a book, and almost splashes her. Violet apologizes and then sort of invites herself to move in with Lauren and Ella. Lauren politely declines the self-invitation and Violet skulks out of the pool. Ella enters the scene and comes up to David who is also apparently in this scene and is working on getting his drunk on. They ask each other about their respective shitty days until Ella declares that it helps that they finally found out who Sydney's murderer was. David and Lauren are like, "Guh?" They can't believe it was Auggie. "I'm as broken up about it as you guys," Ella mutters under her breath with little regard as she pulls out a bottle of wine. Riley and Jonah happen up just then, holding hands and ask what's up. Lauren asks if they heard about Auggie. They act shocked, and bitter Ella subtly attacks Riley by wondering aloud how she could've been running partners with the devil and not suspected anything. Riley claims Auggie not to be the devil and excuses herself. Ella takes the opportunity to privately apologize to Jonah for earlier, blaming her forwardness on being drunk. Michael enters the scene and asks for a word with David. They head up to David's apartment.

David prepares himself for "David Beatdown 2." Michael gives David a bit of fatherly lecture before David reiterates that he didn't want to hurt Noah. Michael simply tells David very calmly that he appreciates him wanting to spend time with his little brother. The doctor shows himself out of David's apartment while David wonders what the hell that was.

Lauren lounges by the pool, studying. David comes out to say, "Hey," and continues to thank her for helping him out with Noah. He knows she'll be a great doctor. Lauren took notice of how devoted David was to his little brother. It definitely caught her attention. Lauren deals out some advice that David is smart and could be anything he wants to be. She wants him to stop stealing. David already has stopped because he doesn't want Lauren to ever look at him again the way she looked at him when she caught him. He wants her to look at him the way she's staring at him longingly now. They kiss passionately. Lauren pulls away. Odd flashbacks of hookery inform Lauren's decision to tell David she just can't do this and she's sorry. David's sorry, too. He walks off. Single tear rolls down Lauren's cheek. This is what it sounds like when doctor ho's cry.

Next Week: Amanda Woodward

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