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kiss before Jonah takes off for his big pitch.

On the roof of the hotel by a large swimming pool, Ella's doing her thing with Curtis. He's just finished up an interview and they've got some dead time before the next one. Ella already has Curtis squared away with his favorite drink and hopes she can offer him some free entertainment. This offer startles Curtis like he's had a bad experience before with an attractive blonde who offered to entertain him for free. Oh, the blood... The blood. Ella clarifies this is about a pitch from a hot, up-and-coming director, but Curtis isn't interested in anything that isn't coming through his agent. Ella slyly mentions she just thought it would be good for Curtis since this guy is already on a pitch and will be meeting with producers Scott Rudin and Harvey Weinstein tomorrow. These name drops catch Curtis' attention and he's now willing to meet Jonah. Perfect! Jonah's right over there! Ella walks Curtis over to Jonah AKA "the new Spike Jonze." They sit on some couches and Jonah begins his pitch awkwardly using notecards. After a rough start, Ella yanks the cards away from him. Curtis is already impatient as Ella whispers to Jonah to just tell it to Curtis like he told it to her. Jonah seems to take this direction well and starts over enthusiastically, but Curtis still isn't impressed and doesn't make an effort to hide it.

Rick rolls off of Lauren exhausted. No, no Rickroll jokes here. Lauren looks uncomfortable and asks if something's wrong with the temperature in the room or something. Rick is too wrapped up in his own douchey ecstasy. She's having a reaction like she's been drugged. She tries to stagger over to the restroom to splash water on her face but everything is all blurry. She collapses to her knees.


Rickroll is now up and getting dressed. He admits brazenly that he slipped some of that Nexus in Lauren's drink. Lauren looks utterly terrible. All sweaty and pale. Rickroll does the stand-up thing when you drug a hooker against her will and she has a bad reaction, which is: offer to call a doctor. No irony lost here that Lauren wants to be a doctor. Lauren tells him to just go. Close-up on her to really hammer home she's a mess.

David walks to his apartment with Noah who is all excited to be with his big brother. This scene lasts all of one minute, but it's really adorable and sad at the same time how blissfully oblivious Noah is. David will be taking him to San Diego to escape Vanessa.

Lauren lies on the hotel room floor as the room spins. We can hear a muffled and echoed phone ringing. She's Ellen Burstyn in Requiem For A Dream. Laur musters up the energy to find her phone and answer it. It's David on the other end, calling to cancel their dinner plans. Lauren sobs for help. She's barely able to give David her location. David hangs up to rush over.

Jonah and Ella laugh about how badly the pitch went. They walk together arms locked, recounting how it all went down. Ella's got an idea of how they can get over this bump in the road and some damn awesome black boots. Yum. She tells Jonah what they need is Kill Bill Volumes 1 and 2 at the New Beverly. Jonah reminds her he has to go get married. Ella laughs it off again and just tells Jonah to make sure Riley gets to see fireworks on her wedding night. The elevator door closes on them and we see Jonah smiling to himself in the metallic reflection.

Violet is finishing up a portrait of Auggie's face with crayons (seriously), which isn't creepy at all, when there's a knock at the door. It's David. He asks Violet to watch Noah for him because...well, she's the only one home. Haha...Wow. Noah recognizes Violet from when she tried to be Michael's nanny, but Violet plays it off by asking Noah to go play with her crayons. David asks Violet not to let Vanessa find Noah because she wants to run off with him. Violet's curious why. Quite bluntly, David answers: "I think that she killed your mom. I'm really sorry [OKbye!]"

Vanessa enters The Complex Courtyard, calling out for Noah. She looks at her reflection in the swimming pool. FLASHBACK. Sydney answers her door to find Vanessa. "You bitch," Vanessa says. Sydney's reply? "Ah, sweetheart, I did you a favor. Don't you want to know your husband is a lying, cheating pig?" Sydney goes for the sure cut that Michael wouldn't have come to Syd if Vanessa had been able to keep him satisfied. Vanessa spots David asleep in Sydney's bed. She turns to Sydney. "David? You really are a whore." Syd says David gets chatty when he gets drunk. According to David, five years ago he and Vanessa slept together. Syd asks, "By the way, isn't Noah five?" Oh snap! Vanessa shoves Sydney back and her drink flies. They struggle and Vanessa grabs a knife. Vanessa's able to stab Sydney in the chest. Sydney grabs a shoe and hits Vanessa in the face with it to knock her off from on top of her. Syd stumbles out of the apartment and down the stairs. She reaches to her wound up around her collarbone, and in the process accidentally rips off the infamous necklace, which falls to the ground. Syd struggles all the way down to the swimming pool. Vanessa appears behind her and stabs her in the back, sending Syd into her watery grave. Vanessa goes back inside and smears blood on David's wrist and places the knife in his hand. END FLASHBACK. Vanessa begins to walk off but hears Noah's laughter in the distance.


Jonah and Riley are stopped to put gas in the car when Ella tracks them down using Loopt to let them know Heller wants to buy Jonah's movie. They all cheer and hug about it. Only problem is the pitch needs to be on Thursday. This is Riley's chance she's been waiting for all episode to get out of having to get married tonight since Jonah would need to focus on putting together his pitch. Jonah's certain he can stay the course with the eloping thing and still be fine. Ella excuses herself because she gets a text saying Amanda is on her way back to town and she needs to get ready for it. Jonah turns to Riley to ask what her deal is. Is it her mom? No, it's Riley, Jonah. She's afraid because her life isn't figured out. She's unemployed and non-committal about everything. Jonah straight-up dumps her. "No more wedding. No more us." You could've saved us a lot of time, Jonah. A lot.

David busts into Lauren's hotel room. She's passed out now on the floor. David calls 911.

Back at The Complex Pool, Vanessa's tracking Noah's voice. She finds herself at Violet's door. When Violet answers, Vanessa recognizes her from when she was applying to be Noah's nanny. She asks if Violet has seen David or Noah. Violet denies seeing anyone. Vanessa tries to push past her into the apartment, but Violet isn't budging. She asks if Vanessa will kill her like she killed her mom. FLASHBACK. Sydney shows up at Violet's apartment to apologize for spurning her and tearfully asks if she can get to know her. They hug on it. END FLASHBACK. Vanessa tries one more time to get past Violet, but to no avail. Vanessa pulls a gun from her purse and Violet instinctively tackles Vanessa into the pool. They struggle underwater. Violet manages to get the upper-hand and hold Vanessa underwater until she drowns just as Amanda walks into the courtyard and sees the whole thing. Violet drags herself out of the pool, visibly freaked out by what she's just done. Amanda goes straight to kneeling by Violet's side to hold her. Violet stares straight ahead in shock. "She killed my mom" Best scene for AS-W by far.


Police walk by The Complex Pool with a stretcher. Detective Rodriguez stands next to Violet who sits in a daze with a blanket over her shoulders. Why do traumatized witnesses always need blankets? Rod questions Violet, who can barely answer back. Amanda steps in and clears the air about what happened, stating Vanessa was at fault and Violet was simply defending herself. Violet tries to thank Amanda who just brushes off Violet's graciousness with a bit of a hint that Violet will repay her for it one day. Amanda Woodward: Good Samar

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