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At the ULA Emergency Room, Lauren is being rushed in on a stretcher followed by David. Doctors do their frantic medi-speak. David just wants to know what's wrong with her. Her attending doctor turns to him and says it looks like an overdose. Overdose!? She must've taken too much aspirin.

Back at the scene of Vanessa's death, Riley looks on as EMTs and police work the circus. Auggie calls to her suddenly and startles her. Why isn't she in Vegas? Riley says the wedding is off. Auggie goes to console her as she wonders how she was able to string Jonah along for so long. Maybe this is for the best, Auggie offers. Riley's face changes to disdain at this bit of unsolicited truth. She makes it clear to Auggie this isn't for the best. It's not getting through to Auggie, though, so he leans in and kisses Riley. Violet sees this from a distance and walks away in disgust. Riley pushes Auggie away and tells him he needs to leave.

At some sort of convention staging area, Ella sets up some posters as Jonah walks in looking quite dejected. How did he find her, she asks. Loopt to the rescue again! Tonight's sponsor is Loopt, by the way. Not really, but... yeah. Ella comments on how shitty Jonah looks. He looks normal to me. Jonah spills to Ella that he just dumped Riley. Ella rushes over to sit next to him on the couch to be his shoulder to cry on. "Don't let Riley's flip flop take away from the fact you accomplished your dream today." Jonah has a "You know? You're right!" moment. This should be the greatest night of his life and he should be sharing it with someone who believes in him. Somebody who he can look in the eye and not see a shred of doubt or hesitation. He starts to lean in for a kiss and Ella tells him to wait. He tells her to give in to it and kisses her. Let the awkward mismatch begin!

Violet burns her crayon painting of Auggie's face on the poolside fireplace. Wait... Poolside fireplace?? Amanda watches the ritual burning from her penthouse window while talking on the phone yet again about the painting she seeks. Kind of makes you wonder who she's keeping in the loop on this whole thing. Kind of. But not really.

In montage: Tortured with the decision to throw it all away, Auggie sits on his apartment floor staring at a bottle of tequila. He takes a shot straight from the bottle.

David stands vigilantly by Lauren's ER bed. He's contemplating what effect this will have on Lauren's medical career, I'm sure.

Riley watches home videos of her and Jonah with tears streaming down her face. No sympathy here. End montage.

Standing together in their underwear, Jonah gropes Ella clumsily from behind. Ella stops him to say she doesn't want to just be a one-night stand. She makes sure he knows she's serious. She seems so vulnerable here while Jonah really just seems like a horny geek. She asks if he's sure. If he's not sure, I'm sure, Elle. Jonah leads her to the big, white bed for some more clumsy making out. They lie down together.

What to look forward to when Melrose Place returns:

Jonah and Ella sexing in a Mini Cooper (?)

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