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Jane, Stop This Crazy Thing!

At the Love Nest, Jonah's editing some mundane footage. Riley walks up to him and he starts venting his frustration that he's stuck doing this while Zach is getting ready for his big premiere when he needed Jonah's help with his projects freshman year. He only made it big because he had a connection with Charlie Kitsus, a powerful agent, that he made by caddying for him at a golf course. It's not always what you know, Jonah, it's who you know, but in this case you suck on both counts.

At Ella's WPK office, her and Caleb are looking at the movie poster featuring Abby Douglas. I guess now's as good a time as any to tell you the movie is entitled Kensington Squared. I know... I know. They're going over the logistics of her upcoming premiere. When Caleb asks about what dress Abby will be wearing on the red carpet, Ella tries to sneak Jane's name by him. He's like, "Say who?" Ella starts to put some spin on it when Caleb cuts her off to ask if this is another one of her "undiscovered superstar[s]." Ella admits it is, but cites Jonah's success the last time she recommended someone. Caleb gives her the green light, but makes sure she's aware of the consequence of failure. *Throat slit*

Abby is in front of a mirror trying on Jane's dress as Jane helps with slight alterations and Ella mans her phone. Ella reassures Abby, who is being difficult, that she looks fine and that she's managed to secure her a one-page spread in W Magazine in that dress. It works and they leave Jane to clean up. She's cleaning, cleaning, cleaning when she's startled by Violet's reflection in a mirror. Violet tells her she's Syd's daughter, and the police are after her. She's the only family Violet has. They hug. Jane seems to immediately warm up to her, but after excusing herself she gets on the phone with the police and reports Violet as a fugitive. Cue Sister Sledge, please.


Movie premiere at CINERAMA! Forget the celebs and paparazzi. How exciting is it to be at Cinerama!? Very. That's how exciting. Jonah and Riley walk up on the red carpet, obviously caught up in the excitement of their first time doing so. Riley says she'll stay by Jonah's side as long as it takes for him to make it to this point himself. An usher/security guy gruffly tells them to move along. Good watchin' out, gruff guy. We need you writing for this show.

Inside at Coal, Ella switches Jane's seating arrangement with Reese Witherspoon's at Abby's table. Abby just dodged a huge bullet. I wouldn't want to sit next to Reese. David's there working and he begins to pry. He's noticed Ella bending over backwards for this Jane woman and wants to know what's going on. Ella talks about Jane having private files and emails on her. David flinches at the mention of private files now. MS Office encrypted files are a nightmare landscape for him after what he found on his dad's computer. Ella gets a phone call beckoning her to the premiere and excuses herself.

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