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Jane, Stop This Crazy Thing!

Lauren is off in some swanky hotel bar hookering or hooking or whatever you call it. She gets a call from Violet and ignores it. A guy who is definitely not Toby shows up at the bar and starts hitting on Lauren. She acts offended at his implying she can be bought, probably more as a reflex to the bait and switch she suspects is happening than anything else. The guy walks off while Lauren tries to figure out what just happened.

Back at the premiere Jonah and Riley are waiting around, trying to spot Zach. They finally see him and call him over. He looks thrilled to see Jonah and they hug. Zach asks what Jonah has been up to and Jonah sorta freezes until Riley jumps in and talks about the six-figure offer from Gary Sarling Jonah rejected. Zach seems impressed. He says Jonah will be directing Oscar flicks while he's stuck doing rom-coms. Jonah doesn't look so sure.

At Coal, Auggie is managing in the busy kitchen. His phone rings and it's Violet calling. He ignores the phone call. Even in the digital world, people disregard Violet. David's helping in the kitchen, though he's not supposed to. Marcello comes in and gives David crap for being in there, but Auggie steps in to protect him. Marcello lets it slide and leaves. From the kitchen, David notices his skilled stalker from earlier enter the restaurant.

Back at the red carpet, Ella gets a call from Jane and pretends her call is breaking up. Jane says Abby's been calling her non-stop, complaining about the dress. She decides she's going to head down to the premiere. Ell tries to talk her out of it, but Jane has made up her mind. Then, she tells Ella she hopes Abby isn't always so difficult. Ella's like, "...Why?" Jane says this won't be the last time Abby wears one of her dresses. They're partners now. Ella hangs up and stares off into the 5th dimension of disbelief dubbed by scientists as "Hell to the Naw."

Elsewhere on the carpet, Jonah spots Riley talking to Charlie Kitsus. Apparently, Riley has been talking golf with him. She seems to have made quite the impression, much to Jonah's surprise. Riley gets a call from Violet and excuses herself to actually answer it. Didn't see that coming. After Charlie gives a little advice to Jonah and starts to talk about Jonah's movie, Riley comes back and says she has to go. Jonah does a double-take and turns into his cartoony self. Charlie invites them to an afterparty but Riley insists she can't go. Jonah is in disbelief. "Jonah, Violet's in jail," she says in front of Charlie. Riley, when you finally gain some ground with me, you go and Riley it all up.

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